Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

I just want to wish you all a Happy Mother's Day.
and a thank you to Mdm Samm for sharing this lovely card.
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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

some stitching that is long past due

Would you think a UFO of 10 years is a little past due. Well last week I took out the package tucked away safe and sound that I put together in 2005 after a family reunion. I had the family sign blocks of fabric and bought some fabrics to complete the quilt with and that is were it stayed. Last Monday I took it out and began to sew and design . I only had a simple block in mind and no real idea of how I was going to lay it out. Sew after a few days of sewing I now have it at the machine for quilting. I should have taken a few pictures along the way .... oh well I could not stop once I got going.
As I sewed along I did notice that there are a few of the names of family that are no longer with us, sew it was kind of  nice just to think of them as I sewed the blocks together.
Here it is .... what do you think sew far.....
at my machine

it is finishing 67 inches square
And a few other finishes  a FMQ challenge that I am way behind in
This is the January Challenge
Pillow back

Pillow front with a feathered heart

and another finished quilt

                                            and ready to go off to Victoria Quilts
 That's been that last week or sew  I almost forgot to link up with The Needle and Thread Network
stop by and see what everyone has been up to.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

another class wraps up

The ladies in the Pick a Block Place Mat class did a wonderful job. In 2 nights they got the 4 blocks made and one place mat ready to quilt. I did have one student that even had the chance to get 2 of her place mats quilted and ready to finish the binding by hand. It is always fun to see the different color combinations that arrive in class. I would love to show you but I forgot my camera at home :0(
Sew that class is a wrap, two more to go in May.
Have a great day and stay
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Monday, April 20, 2015

Quilt Truck in town!!!!

For three days only Monday to Wednesday the Rolling Ray of Sunshine Quilt Truck is  in Watrous
Open from 10 am to 6. located at the end of Main Street by the info booth. There is some parking there sew that you are not on the Highway.
Stop in for your sewing notions thread etc and of course fabrics.
Remember for 3 days only and one is half done already
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this week in stitches

As the week blows past us ( the wind helps here a lot for sure ) I am managing to get a few projects done or at least near done. Last week I finished the attic window and this week I have just the binding left on the quilt I call rock climbing .
before the quilting
 This one is made with a pattern I came up with that I call Candy Bars it will be going off to Victoria's Quilts when done. I did get one more block of my BOM done 7 to go. And I did a little baking too. ( opps I forgot to hit publish sew I am continuing from last week ;0)    )
And after a busy weekend I am hoping to get a start on this years FMQ challenge. Better late than never.It will be fun trying out new ideas and creating pillows at the same time. I will share the links as I get going on it.
at the show
an old favorite
There was a quilt show in Drake this past weekend hosted by Between Friends Quilt Guild. I have never been apart of a guild but may have to stop in on a meeting sometime to see what it is all about.I have been a guest speaker with the quilts / quilt tops from the McCalls Quilt Star Challenge in 2012.
Any way there were a lot of lovely quilts at the show and a lot of friendly faces ..... a few from back home and some from the area I live in now....... good visiting all around. And a wee bit of shopping with 3 vendors 2 inside and a traveling one in a semi .
a new twist on an old favorite
all straight seams ... squares and triangles

I have been working on some class ideas for the fall and winter, I have come up with 12 different ideas and just have to fine tune them and maybe reduce the numbers a little and get that all to the college.
a few posies to brighten our weekend
Well now it is time to see what I can get done this week
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

In the Mail today

Well with the Spring Post Card Swap our cards have both arrived one day apart
Here is the one from Raewyn in New Zealand
what a cute little birdie after it's lunch in the spring........
I am sure we'll see this after our first spring rain
I am not sure if you can see all her lovely stitching on the card ..... it is just perfect for spring Thanks again Raewyn and Sheila of course for hosting the swap.

And this is the one I sent to her
Here in Canada we have a special stamp out ... a fabric stamp for the anniversary of the Canadian Flag. It is a $5,  which works well for the overseas postage.

see you at the next swap 
not sure what it will be 
but I am sure it will be another
fun theme

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

still snowing .... still sewing

With all the snow happening I am glad that I love to sew and I have been teaching some  classes to share that love.
Here are a few samples of the T-shirt blocks that will become quilts.

I have put a few things together in the last couple of days
a couple of tote/shopping bags. Both from the same amount of fabric  just a different shape and handle style.

an idea for another class ...... no Y seams. This one is a perfect size for a baby quilt.

samples for my next class Pick a Block Place Mats..... the first one is ready to machine quilt. I had hand quilted the first samples.

my quick reference cards

I do find that I learn a little more about teaching from my students and try to improve with each class. This is coming from a gal that hates to talk in front of any size of group. But when it comes to sewing I seam to do a little better. I thank my students for their patients as well, sharing their joy of learning and conversation and of course energy ( I am always recharged after teaching a class )

Here is a little something that Hubby and I make ..... portable pressing surfaces, with a handy handle on the backside.
in my last class they all had them....and loved being able to have their work areas all together

I will be linking up with The Needle and Thread Network  . It's been a while since I have linked up This is a great spot to see what ladies around Canada have been up to.
Now to go and enjoy a nice cup of cocoa.
Thanks for stopping by
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