Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring time Post cards

Well I am a little slow at getting these posted as Judy and Lin have had them for a while. My post card from Judy arrived last week and is a beautiful poise, I just needed to have a photo shoot with it and here it is in all it's glory

I was a lucky gal to be trading with two ladies and receiving such nice cards thank you both they are brightening up  my wintery spring.
and another peak at Lin's
Thanks to Sheila as well for organizing the swap. It is always fun to receive these in the mail and see the  different styles of creative postcards that are created out there. And of course it gives us play time and we all need a little of that.
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Last day of the hop

FLAGS ON A STICK  Last day of the hop and what a hop it has been
stop by these sites to see a few more great creative flags

Thanks ladies for sew much inspiration 
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Flags on a Stick ......

March 28 , 2014
Day 4

aka Quilts on a Stick 
.... this is what have have been calling it all along in error....... opps !

I am sure hoping that Spring arrives for this hop here in Western Canada. We are sew ready for it. Still pretty cold in my part of the world, hope it is warmer where you are. Back to the hop....
I  am hopping along with these wonderful bloggers in the hop today.  
Stop in and see what they have been up to as well and stop in daily to see what other bloggers are participating in the hop.

I want to Thank Thearica and Madam Samm for putting this wonderful hop together, what a great idea And a big thank you to our sponsors----  Flags on a Stick and

What did I do for the hop ???
Well lets see ...... first I saw door quilt in  a magazine that I thought would work on my garden flag  and a few stitches later   ta da it is. I like the ruffle grass across the quilt.

Next I thought I wanted to design one sew thinking cap on , and I came up with this little guy , any one with tots around should recognize  this little minion ....
A happy little guy no matter what the weather

he will be off to my daughters front yard and with another sew that her friend will have one too.
And lastly here is another of my Spring's  a Flutter garden flags that I had designed for a class that I taught earlier this month. This one is done just a wee bot different from the first test of the pattern, it has some free motion quilting detail in the vines.
This is the third one I have designed for garden flags. 
I do love  making them.,  I have been asked what should one do to treat them for outdoors. I say nothing,just enjoy it and in a couple years make up another to replace it. As we are always working on new projects and with new fabrics are always being added to our stash.
I waited for a nice day to take outside pictures ... but alas.... that was not to be I have fresh fallen snow today. .... spring is coming ....right??? 

If you would like to be in a draw for a Spring's a Flutter pattern leave a comment. I will try to get back to each and everyone of you as long as you are not a -no reply comment-er.
 Thank You sew much for stopping by ....
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Sorry ladies some how I became a no reply blogger again....... got it fixed  Thanks Sheila sew much for letting me know.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring - post card and a little cleaning

To start my post I would like to share my post card from Lin in France....sure looks like Spring to me, just love how she printed this post card with a daffodils..... thanks Lin

I saw a few of the blocks made by Sheila for the Aurifil BOM and thought why not make a few too. Sew here is the first one I have made.

Next it was time to clean up some left over batting and scrap fabric wee bits and pieces ....... they get stuffed into puppy pillows.....

a friend of mine has a kennel and love to use these as is or stuffed into the pillow cases she has for her Newfie's. That's my little bit of spring cleaning ;0)
Nothing is wasted if I can help it.
I finished up my last flag for the hop.
That's about it for now. Have a great week and check out the hop to see some fun flags .... today's were great fun.
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Flags on a Stick line up ..... updated

The next hop is about to start...... Flags on a Stick
Little quilts for the out doors I love them and have been making a some over the last few years and a couple for the hop.
We begin on March 25th and go through April 3rd!  Mark your calendars because you do not want to miss this hop!!
These fabulous bloggers will be sure and delight you every day!

Be sure to check them out everyday to see some great creativity 
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Monday, March 17, 2014

play time ahead

I can see that I will need to have some play time with these goodies that I received from some friends ... one from Aussie and one that went to Aussie
I was lucky to receive some fabrics and patterns all from Aussie designers.
assorted fabrics from past projects in Aussie 

some  loved patterns

some fun patterns and fabric to do the bag in .........

Thanks sew much ladies I will enjoy the play time 
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Spring .....

                                                   Happy St. Patties Day!!!!!
Spring is trying really hard to be here and hopefully it will stick.
Sew with spring around the corner and the Flags on a stick .... which I like to call quilts on a stick I have another garden flag ready for the hop that starts next week. Here's just a peek.....

that makes two flags/quilts on a stick done and one more almost done.
I have gathered fabrics and samples for my class tomorrow night, just a couple stitching sample to do up and I think I will be ready.
Enjoy the freshness in the air as the seasons change.
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