Thursday, May 6, 2021

Stiching in May

 Well May is off to a good start.

A little quilting and some sun printing.

I'm working up some of my extra blocks into wheel chair quilts. The last 2 I increased the size a bit and added a pocket. 

I stitched the binding by machine. I used a straight stitch on one and a small zig zag (1.5 \4.0) on the other. After washing them up they will be ready to drop off at the nursing home here in town.

The sun printing was done with a metal owl that friends had made for their yard and a product called Inkodye by Lumi.

Another quilt has it's bind done and a start on a quilt made with blocks that where embroidered back in 1967 by a dear friends mom. 

Sew in a stitch that's what I've been up to in my sewing space. Take care and stay 

In stitches


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

A finish

 Binding complete on this one to put one on the next quilt.

Working on the scrappy cards and a few more denim blocks.

Sew nice to see the sun shining and warmer temperatures. Hard to stay inside.

Keep on stitching

Stay safe 


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Still in stitches.

 Wow my third post this week. Trying to get back in the hobbit of sharing my  stitches with you all. I will keep it short and sweet, here you go.

I did manage to finish the fmqing (free motion quilting) on the 1st quilt. Now to trim and bind. Next quilt is at the machine waiting.

This morning I started  on some rope bowls and after lunch made a basket....aka a bowl with handles. I had gotten a good supply of the rope for teaching c!asses, but those are on hold while the pandemic is on. Sew I decided I might as well make up some bowls for gifts. The 2 smaller bowls practised one bundle  of rope, 50 yards. And the basket about 2.5 bundles about 112 yards. I will be trying out different threads as I go along.

Stay safe, and in stitches

Monday, April 19, 2021

under my needle

 Well today I did get a start on one of the 4 quilts pinned and ready to quilt. The center is almost done. Quilted in swirls.

I did get a couple more scrap blocks made to see what they look like together. Sew my Sunday was a productive day... of play.

It was a cool day sew, I bake some fresh buns and a pan of cinnamon buns to.

Stay safe and of course in stitches 


Sunday, April 18, 2021

A little more to show

 Here are a few other projects that I was able to get done 

The rag quilt is the first one I have ever made . I was gifted the blocks all cut ,pinned and ready to sew the x through the middle. No pattern sew no idea how to lay it out. I played with my eq7 to come up with ideas after I had counted how many of each combinations I had to work with. I'm happy with how it turned out and after the first wash its getting softer and edges fuzzy.

This table topper was started with a few leftover blocks and grew. I thought the Loons were a nice compliment to the earthy tones.

Here is a kit I had bought a few(or more)years ago. I had  actually bought 2 one made up for The Patches of Hope auction. Sew it was more than time to get it made. The quilt is first pieced, quilted  and washed then the applique is added.

Today's goal is to get 3 quilt tops pinned basted and maybe make a few scrap blocks.

Hope your having a nice weekend and take time for a stitch or two. Thanks for stopping by.

In stitches


Saturday, April 17, 2021

Finially a Robin sighting this week and a quilty post

 Spring is here yah.! I always look forward to the arrival of the robins.

The last few months I have been busy working on quilts  for Victoria Quilts Canada. I finished off 14 and sent them off to be warm hugs for those in need. 

I used up a small bundle of Stonehenge Fabrics and created two smaller quilts one which is completely done in the other that needs to be basted. I also worked on a scrappy quilt as well as the quilt that started with the 5 bear paw blocks, as well as one from my scrap bin.  Last week I put the last 3 months for Quilt Doodles BOM from 2020 together and then the quilt top.... ready to baste as well.  4 tops, now to make them quilts.

I did get 3 queen size denim quilt/blankets made with denim tote bags. Only backed no batting or quilting. And 2 car blankets backed with polar fleece.

 I should have kept count on the number of jeans that were used up. Maybe a good thing I didn't, just knowing they are worked up is good enough for me. I know I can make a few more as I still have a bin and a box with more. One thing I learned from this is clean your machine with every other  bobbin. The dust bunnies are big and build up that fast.

Under construction are this BOM from Quilt Doodles as well as a weekly quilt along with Pat Sloan called Home is. I also found a new block to try out using scraps and denim.

                                                                         Home is

                                                                New scrappy block

Last night I basted up a Hawaiian quilt block. This is number 4. I have to figure out how many I need for a bed quilt and keep at it.  It Seams I have to have a dozen project's on the go. Anybody else do the same?

And to add to that I am in a scrap challenge, where you decide what to create with an envelope of scraps sent to you ... you can add 1.5 of one preselected fabric. This one I will post at the end date of the challenge, May 15. From the last of the scraps I'm working on some layered and quilted post cards. The ones in the photo are ready for some applique.

And a couple  quick finishes a runner and a jelly roll rug.

Well that's all for the moment.
Stay safe out there.
And stay in stitches

Monday, December 21, 2020

Christmas sewing

 Well all my Christmas sewing is done and delivered. Some in use and some under the tree.

Now to see if I remembered to take photos....

For our kids homes I made the charming Christmas tree quilt from the cat quarter quilt shop . I added an extra row alternating background and a charm square. From the cut off half square triangles I was halt to make a matching zig zag runner and I made up another fun Christmas tree running. These were tucked in a box of baking sent off to the kids as I had the feeling we would be spending Christmas apart staying safe this year. And this would be a good way to send them some love and a warm hug.

Missing the extra round....only photo I have.
 The runners I shared earlier

I have been working at getting my quilt tops quilted too. Now working on the last one I had pin basted.  :-) my craftsy 2016 BOM is quilted and only needs a label.

I have my Aurifil spools machine and hand quilted on in my sewing space.

A couple BOMs in the works to finish piecing and a few ufo's from past classes taught and taken. Then to take count on the kits on hand and work them up too. Looks like next year will be full of quilts to.

I'm still making a few masks, sad that they are apart of our normal, hey if they help keep us safe and healthy I'm all for them. I've been using them since March.

I will see what else I have gotten done since my last post. Looks like I should get a few photos taken . Hope  you enjoyed what I was able to share. 

Take care, stay safe.