Sunday, February 27, 2011

stitching along

Well it's been a busy week I have been stitching along .After working this week I did manage to get three quilt tops quilted and two are bound.I also was able to get a novel started( half done). The weather here has been very cold -35 and more with the wind chill most days , today it was -2 with next to nothing for wind. I have to decide which classes I would like to take at the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference this May-June in Muenster SK.It is put on by Haus of stitches in Humboult. Teachers come for all over to share their knowledge. I always have a good time there.Off to make supper.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

baby go

check out sew i quilt for a baby go give away with 3 dies
pretty cute item
would help one with their stash and make cute quilts to.
hurt my shoulder at yoga last week doc said to rest it a bit sew now i hope to do a little quilting today as it is feeling better, i will try very hard not to over do it.
i am really looking forward to getting some of my quilt tops completed this year as i have a list in my head of more to make.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

more snow

 you should see the fresh blanket of snow out side. we have been having a good number of nice days out there and then bamm you get more snow. sure looks pretty but you no longer know where the ice is hiding. not as much as some other areas here in SK but enough . sure hope we do not have the same water troubles this spring
finished a toddler size quilt just the binding and a label to do, 2 small boarders to quilt on a lap size quilt. i fell that i am making some head way at getting past projects complete as well as a few new ones.  maybe one day i will only have one project going at a time ........... not maybe 2 or 3 just to keep it interesting.
i am trying to get over another cold and a sore shoulder so i will take it slow and look after the shoulder.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

off to work i go

good morning
well after a couple weeks off it is back to work and not as much time with my fabrics.( might have some withdrawal ) i did manage to get one regular sized quilt and 5 smaller quilt tops made last week, a couple even are quilted. it is nice to get some of my scraps used up. i am always telling my dh that there is still one more quilt in that box of left overs. i will try to include some pics soon.have a great day.
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Monday, February 14, 2011

hello out there in blog land

happy valentine's day
  this is the first of my blogs

 so it will be a bit slow as i feel my way around 
 i have enjoyed other blogs on sewing and quilting and hope to share a few of my ideas as well
 a bit about me
 i live in small town saskatchewan, canada

i have a loving husband of 31 yrs and two grown children.
 i am often found by my sewing machine quilting  , alterations and of course some mending as well. i also enjoy knitting and reading.
sew here's to sharing a little of my insight's with you
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