Saturday, August 31, 2013

EQ7 Summer Draw Along

Well this is the last month of the Draw along with EQ7. Thanks EQ7 and Jenny our instructor for a fun way to learn more about the software and to get using it. I know I have learned a lot from the lessons and have encouraged a few friends who have the program to try this out and play a little.

This is my sample of this months lesson I hope to play a little more and make up the mini lesson with the flying geese
When is was doing my satin stitching I did it in a continuous line starting at a corner and working over the outside curves  and then turning and stitching the inside curve. I took a pic of the backside of the block to show you how I stitched it.
Using the stabilizer helped to keep the block nice and flat after stitching
Thanks again Jenny and EQ7
I am looking forward to seeing what everyone will create with their blocks in October.
Now to go and link up with EQ7 and see this months blocks.
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

trying to get a few things done

Got them done..... 2 quilt covers.
 Once I got started they were no problem it was just to get started. This summer I was finding it hard to get to my machine or even feel that I had the umph to do any sewing.
I think they turned out pretty good. I did one with a hidden button closure and one with a zipper closure. I also added buttonhole corners inside and put buttons on the quilts corners to help keep them in place. It sure is a nice way to save a quilt or give an older quilt a fresh look.
new look for a couple older quilts
buttons to keep them cornered

 I have a few blocks to make for EQ7 Summer Draw along as well as quilting another scrappy quilt. I think my UFO's have grown and it is time to get them cleaned up as well. I think that I am not alone with my UFO's , sew I feel that I am in good company. Now just to get at them with all the extra jobs of the fall and the garden.
                                                           this years syrup is done : )

Last night I also finished up my chokecherries. I made the juice on Sunday and the syrup last night. I think the next job will be corn and tomatoes as well as some bread and butter pickles.  ...... how many days are there in a week ...... sure could use a extra one , or maybe even two to get it all done.
With summer winding down and most of the holidays have been taken at work I should be back to my regular hours next week and then, maybe then I will start to play catch up.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing / hearing what I have been up to
stay......... in stitches

                               Fall is in the air and the crops are getting ready to go in the bin.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Post Card Swap

My lovely post card arrived only 9 days after it was mailed. Considering that we live on opposite sides of the planet I think that was pretty good. ( sorry that it took me just as long to get it posted )
Sheila from Sheila's Quilt World in Nova Scotia set up a Floral post card swap. This gave me the opportunity to swap with Raewyn in New Zealand.
The post card that she made for me was one of her first and I think she did a great job.
It features what she called the NZ Christmas Tree  - Pohutakawa . I have looked it up and I agree that it would make a beauty of a Christmas Tree.
Thanks Raewyn for taking part and swapping with me and a thank you to Sheila as well for organizing the swap.

Summer is flying by, and we are just starting to get some of those temps. I have been busy at work and trying to do a little canning making pickles and last night I make up a couple jars of cherry pie filling from some home grown cherries from a neighbour....... it looks tasty.

 I have don a little sew but  not as much as I would like to be doing. I almost have 2 quilt covers finished and then I will work on my pin cushion for the next hop that I am taking part in.

Thanks for stopping by
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Ho Ho Ho Hop winner

Just a quick note to say that
Angelia Lanouette  is the winner of
 The Quilter's Homecoming novel by Jennifer Chiaverini.
I have it all packaged up and ready to pop in the mail today.
I would like to thank all that had stopped by and left such nice comments on my post for the hop. I enjoyed them all and I thought the hop was just great. There is just sew much talent out there and gals just having fun quilting.
Thanks again ladies ....
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Post Card Swap

Sheila of Sheila's Quilt World put together a post card swap last month. We had a flower theme for our post cards. this is what I chose to make for my swap partner, Raewyn  @

She received it in the mail yesterday ( I mailed it a little early ) I am glad that Raewyn likes her card. I had chosen the Prairie Lily as it is our Provincial flower. I look forward to finding mine in the mail in the next little while. I know it will be a little treasure too.
Thanks Sheila for putting us together for the swap and organizing the whole swap.
in stitches until next time

Sunday, August 4, 2013

HO HO HO Hop :)

Welcome to my turn on the hop.
First off I would like to thank Carol and Mdm Samm for all they do to get us organized and inspired for all this hop. There have been some great ideas and projects posted sew far and even more inspiration shared through each of the posts. Thanks sew much fellow hoppers.
I have had some fun with what I wanted to make for this hop.
I had a Christmas card that I had thought would make a nice little wall hanging..... sew I went from the card

to a little drawing of the snowman

then I pulled out some of the fabric I painted last year in a class at the Sask. Stitches Conference
sunprinting with seta colors and snowflakes
and just a touch of glitter

 I added a few extra snow flakes

and this is what I came up with.

I am thinking I will be going through my old cards to see what else I can come up with next.
a close  up of my snowman and his button smile

And what would a Christmas/Holiday themed hop be without a give away
The Quilter’s Homecoming
This is one of Jennifer Chiaverini's Elm Creek Quilt novels.
The Quilter's Homecoming.
Just leave a comment and a way to contact you if you are a non-reply commenter. I will make the draw at the end of the hop, August  9th.
Here is the links to the rest of the posts for todays hop.
                                                            August 5
Thanks sew much for spending a part of your day with me.
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