Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hard to believe that this month has just flown by .
Wishing  all the ghosts and goblins witches and fairies, robots and super hero's a safe   Halloween.

I know that I will be getting at a few holiday projects in the near future as November seams to be gone in a blink of an eye.
 Sew enjoy this evening and the moment and all those little creatures that come a knocking at your door.
in stitches
 a give away and a great little tut on the Lil Twister by Connie

Friday, October 28, 2011

I've got mail

Well I had a nice surprise today,( I should say yesterday now ) the package that Marjorie from   Marjorie's Busy Corner       sent arrived today.She had a give away for her first anniversary she had a give away of a moose head lodge panel, thread and a few other goodies. And I was the lucky winner. This is the first time that I have won a give away , feel just like a kid.
Thank you sew much for the panel It will get worked up into a fall themed quilt one the guys might like.( I hope ) I have already planned a few alternate blocks in my head to go with this panel. And the other goodies I will find ways to use them too.

Halloween socks
I also had a little package show up at work . A little something from my prayer partner from church, to celebrate Halloween.

Last night I went to visit a good friend that is in respite care. We had a nice visit and walked around a couple times. We are trying to help her get a little stronger .  I hope she starts to fell better soon even just a little bit. She has had a few dizzy spells that cause her to faint, and we do not want her to hurt herself in a fall. Sew she has not been able to do the things she loves to do and this is making her feel sew lost and confused right now.  Sew I will be popping by to see her there and give all the support I can.
Sew take care out there
in stitches

Thursday, October 27, 2011

More info on challenge

I have been asked about the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference Challenge
this is hosted by Haus of Stitches in Humboldt Saskatchewan.
 You have to have attended one of the conferences ( I do believe that if you attend this year it will count as well check with Wendy at  )
You have to purchase a 1 meter piece of the challenge fabric in your choice of two color ways I have   blues and  copper, I think the other is more green amber and copper,  from Haus of stitches. Then they enter you into the challenge.
The fabric is called       Jewels of India         by Robert Kaufman fabrics
You can do what ever you want with the challenge fabric but you must be able to tell it is in there.
And that is it want ever you do can be any size, it can be wearable or tote able , wall hanging or bed cover.The sky is the limit.
 Sew if you are interested give them a call and get the newsletter which has a line up of some of the classes for next year, and get your fabric.
 I know it will be a hoot and I will be booking my campsite for the week again.
Good luck to all those who enter It will be great to see the showing of the finished items
In stitches

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WIP wedensdays

Well lets see what's on the go this week
I know that I have nothing new is finished but a few things are started an hopefully complete by the weeks end.
I had made one of these little produce bags and then thought I would sew up a couple more. They are just the right size for the sewing kits that are part of what our church is collecting to send off to Lutheran world relief. They do not want any plastic bags on any of the kits sew I thought this would be handy where ever they are used.
This is want goes into the kits
3 meters of fabric and a few
 basic supplies
as listed

Three sewing kits ready to go

I chose a fabric that would work well for shirts and added a few extra buttons and thread to match.They tie up into a nice little bundle ( there is 3 meters of fabric in them , I did put a little more in one hope that is okay). I still have one more pair of shears sew I may put another one together and make another bag for it as well.

On the quilting front.
I have to put a few ideas down on paper for what I would like to do for the challenge fabric from the Haus of Stitches. I think once I get them down on paper I will get started .  Maybe I should get my EQ loaded onto my laptop it is EQ5 not sure if I should up date it.
Has any one updated theirs to the EQ7 from this old of a addition??? I think I have updated it once already. I am thinking that just buying the new one would be better and not as costly.
Sew as you see I did get a little done with finishing the sewing kits but that has been all today. I really hope to get to my machine Thursday evening .
Check out the link on the side bar for The needle and thread network.
In stitches

Monday, October 24, 2011

Saskatoon Quilt Show ect.

Well it was a busy weekend
 the quilt shop and company  and lots of eating out........ time to lighten up sew the soup is in the slow cooker.

The quilt show was great . Sew many talented folks out there and sew many quilt to admire. I was not able to get many pics as you needed the quilters permission to take them . ( Monika was able to get a few pics you can link here My Sweet Prairie, check out her dress,)  I did run into one quilter at her quilt. It was a quilt done in crayon, and she recommends Crayola brand and the 64 pack as some patterns name the colors they would like you to use.The quilt features little houses the top left house has a tomato pin cushion garage... cute.

Wendy was there from the Haus of Stitches in the retail area and she had her newsletter there and has a start of the classes for the conference next year. the dates for the conference will be May 25 to June 3 2012. You can check her web site out to get more info at This is the 10 year and there is a great line up of teachers already. It will be a challenge to decide which classes I will take this year. She is also hosting a challenge with a special fabric for all the past class participants.

I did pick up a couple items for myself , a little tabletop quilt holder with a extra topper for the holder as well as a Amy Bradley quilt pattern .

table top stand

The fellas went off in one direction and we in another looking and shopping, we ran into them a few times and talked about which quilts we liked and why. This time my hubby was drawn to the hand quilting as there sewms to be sew few of them out there. There where just sew many wonderful quilts out there it just get you motiveated to get busy and to create your own works of art.

extra topper
After we did a little shopping for the guys and had a bit to eat on the way home. The next morning we had some good friends stop by for breakfast..... I thought I had a little more time sew  they caught me in the tub. lol   Good thing hubby was there to get the door. We had a good visit and we will be seeing Squirt and Todd again next weekend.

 Friday night I had thought I would participate in the Friday night sew in but I got started on the carrot pudding ( I changed the recipe up a bit to make it gluten free, it turned out very yummy if I do say sew myself) and that took a little bit of time to get it ready to process in the caner sew the only sewing I managed to get done was a binding on a quilt for a friend.

I have now also started on a couple samples for the Regional College for a class I will be teaching for them in the new year.  They thought a easy quilt would be good to get some of the quilter want- to -Be's started, sew we are going to work with the disappearing 9 patch. They students can decide on a table runner or a small quilt , the technique is the same just the number of blocks needed will change and borders .
 I may also be teaching some basic sewing for  them as well. I will just have to see what will work with out over booking myself.
Then I baked a carrot cake for Hubby, his birthday is today Monday the 24, just have to ice it and all will be ready. (Ran out of icing sugar last night ... must go shopping)
Sew that was part of my weekend in a nut shell sew to speak. Hope you all had a great weekend as well.
Stay in stitches and hugs

Friday, October 21, 2011

Snow in Mondays forcast

Brrrrrrrrrr ......
I think the weather man must be mistaken. And if you do see any strange items in the air or on the ground think of them as figments of your imagination. It is still to early for snow even if it is only snow showers.

I still think it is just fall ... at least for the next month . right Mr. Scarecrow.

I do enjoy all the colors of fall, they are constantly changing.

Last night I did just a little quilting for a friend ..... a smaller baby quilt and then applied the binding by machine. I usually to this by hand but I now have done it three times and think it will work fine for those quilts that get loved a lot, and are in the wash.

I did try out a pattern from a magazine for what they called a product bag. It is meant to replace the plastic bags in the grocery stores and can be made with a fat quarter. I thought I would try one out and then make a few more now as I think I would use them.

Tomorrow I will be heading off to Saskatoon to take in the quilt show. This will be the first one I have taken in, in Saskatoon.
I am really interested in what the other quilters have been up to as well as seeing any new products that are out there. I am hoping to take some photos if it is allowed . Inspiration here we come.
Stay in stitches with Hugs

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Marjorie's having a Anniversary Give away

  Marjorie's Busy Corner
Happy Anniversary Marjorie!!
 Marjorie is having her 1st Anniversary and is celebrating with a give away . Stop by and check it out. You only have until Friday morning this week (21) to get in on the draw. Good luck to all who enter.
in stitches Annette

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIP Wednesdays

Let's see whats going on this Wednesday.
I want to finish this topper that I made from left over pieces from another project.

I did create a  e reader cover last weekend.
with a outside storage zip pouch.
Just what my friend wanted for her trip next month.
I have seen a BOM link on Sheila's blog Sheil's Quilt World 
opps miss spelled but the link works sorry Sheila.
 that I think I will get started on and maybe a few of these scrappy blocks to make another one like this . As my scrap box is over flowing sew it is time to do something about it.

Check out what the others have been up to with the link to  the needle and thread network on my side  bar. And if you are in the area this weekend check out the Saskatoon Guild 's Quilt Show at the Prairie land Exhibition grounds in Saskatoon. I know I will be going.
Sew that's all for this time
Stay in stitches

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits #4

Today's little tidbits comes from the food court at the mall.

Chop Sticks
I find them very handy as a turning tool. and the price is great......... free with your meal.
You always get a pair, sew that you can share with a friend or just have a spare.
I have a small collection of them and use them when teaching my candle mat classes (Sorry I did forget them this last time)  I usually give one to each of the students for turning the points before pressing( I am always collecting them).
The blunt points on the chop sticks do not poke through the fabric creating holes. they are nice and smooth sew they do not snag on your fabric or threads.
 They also work well when turning tubes and ties. I was giving this set from a friend, but I have not used it in my sewing just yet.

the red ones are still in their wrapper

Sew you never know where you might find a new tool to make things easier.
Just  keep a look out and keep your mind open to new uses for what is out there.
Sew that's my tidbit for today.
stay in stitches

Monday, October 17, 2011

A little Sewing and cleaning and a road trip

Well I have the e- reader cover made and I think it turned out nicely. I think it is a nice travel case for it. I just have to delivery and try it on for size . I did make a plastic template of the size of the e reader and it fits  fine. One thing I did look into was that they are all different sizes. Sew when I was going to do this I traced the one it was to fit.At one time it was going to be for her birthday but how do you get the measurements and still keep it a surprise.
outside sip pocket for cord storage

I have also done a little cleaning up in my work space. I think I could fill up another dogie bed if I can only throw away more of my scraps...  why is that sew hard at times to do????

Well it's a day later and the e reader cover is made and fits fine. and only a little stitching left to do on the wall hangings.
E reader cover .......perfect fit
Oct 2012

Took a break and went for a drive with a friend and went to the kennels that she will be taking her puppies to, sew I would know the way to go and visit the little ones while they are gone.They had babies out there. She raises Newfoundlanders and had a litter around  the 11. They are sew tiny for what they will grow up to be. They have to watch to make sure that mom dose not sit or lay on them. The breader even sleeps out there with the new family to help keep everyone safe.That's what you call "puppy love"
snack time

just a little handful
 right now
I will take another pic
 when I get out there again

This is where the dog beds go that I make. She said that they wash up great and fit the dryer as well. Sew glad to see that my scraps are of some use to someone.
Hope you all have had a great day .
In stitches and hugs

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wall Hangings and e reader cover

Well the heading says it all I have been working on those cute wall hangings with the pile of leaves. I have all three appliqued and ready to quilt.
The other project I have to make is for a friend for her e reader, to protect it on her travels  next month.... only a couple weeks away sew I thought I best get on that.
Sew I am off to my machine to see what I can whip up. Hopefully I will have finished projects to show tomorrow.
In stitches and seams
hugs from me
made a quick trip to Humboldt with a friend , checked out a nutter's and Haus of Stitches and one of the new Square in a Square BOM that they are offering Kisses from My Beloved.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Candle Mat Class

It was a very rain day and night yesterday. A good day to do some sewing and quilting, or even to teach a class.
 I was off to Humboldt - Haus of Stitches to teach my class.
I had 7 ladies taking the class. For some this was their first quilting project others had some quilting background. They all seamed to enjoy the class and will be able to finish their mats on their own. We had gotten to the point where they could do the embroidery using the decorative stitches on their machines ... a little play time. I find it takes longer to decide which stitch to use than to stitch it, I think the ladies would agree.
You were all a very fun group to teach.
 Thank you for taking my class and letting me teach and share with you.
I tend to teach very informal, once I get the gals started then I pop around from gal to gal to get them on the next step, as we all sew at different paces. To give all the info at once just get one lost. I hope the ladies all were able to get the basics from me last night and enjoy this little project as much as I do. Sew once again
 Ladies "Great job I was very impressed with your work"

What great Candle mats they will be.
Stay in stitches

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Off to class

This time as the teacher.
It should be a good class , at Haus of Stitches in Humboldt this Thursday
 I have all my teaching steps/samples ready and organized.
Sew I feel that I am going to have a good class and be ready for most anything.
I hope to get a few pictures of the class and their candle mats to show off to you out there in blog land.
I have not taught a class for a couple years( has it really been that long)now as we do not have a quilt shop here in Watrous any more.: (
I have helped many a friend with different problems and figured out patterns for them as well.
Sew I am looking forward  to the class and many more. ( if they like me )

I will have to get to my designing of patterns sew that I will have other classes to teach. I do have a few ideas in the works, it's just to get them down on paper and in fabric.

I have just found out that one of the ladies that I visit and teach a few different quilt techniques to went to the hospital a dew days ago. I do hope that she is starting to fell better and that the Dr.'s can figure out whats been going on with her the last few months.She is a very dear friend, I 'm a little worried for  her. She will be in my prayers.
Sew until next time
stay in stitches

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

new little tea mug
with a dragonfly

We had a wonderful weekend with our children.
We spent the weekend in Yorkton at our daughter's. Just a small gathering that also included hubby's mom and one of his sisters, as well as our son. We got here late Saturday afternoon, we where the last to arrive. The kids and their auntie had gone out to Rhien to visit some of the other relatives and had just gotten back before we knocked on the door.
We visited and some played cards into the evening. Sunday I did get to work on the curtain (a roman shade )to match the quilt . The other folks did their own things from a little shopping to a quick trip ,to the casino , while the turkey was cooking  for about and hour and a half . The house sure smelt good when they all walked through the door. We had a late dinner and visited some more the crib board was out, And then auntie headed home as she had to work today.
Hubby did get some of our daughter's Christmas light up even though it was raining this morning. Shortly after a late breakfast we all headed home. Grandma needed to get to her other daughter's as her great grand daughter and her daddy where home from Alberta and she need to get a few hugs in.

It is always great to spend time with family and friends.
 I did miss visiting with a very dear friend sew we just will have to get back there another time to visit both our daughter and her.

quilt and roman shade
looks like the quilt is kitty approved
The quilt and Roman shade look good, I still want to make a couple toss pillow to go in her room as well.

I also completed only one of the fall wall hangings.

I had hoped to get two done but my eyes just burned Friday night sew I thought they are tired and want gets done gets done. I can always pop the other one in the mail.
Ther just never seams to be enought time to get in all the things we would love to do. We just have to keep trying and be happy with what we can get done and know that there  is always tommorrow and we can try again.
Sew until next time
stay in stitches

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Shadow Box Quilt is done!
Shadow box Quilt
about 2 feet of the quilt  is hanging over on the
other side of the clothesline

Happy dance ... I have the quilt ready to give to our daughter.She can hardly wait to put it on her bed. She has painted her room to match the quilt fabrics,earlier this summer. Sew now we just have to make the roman blind.
It will be a busy weekend with helping with some of the baking for thanksgiving dinner. The label is made using a technique shown on stash manicure with in the last two weeks.I did wash the quilt with a product called retayne to set the colors of the batik fabrics. I did not want it to run on her later if she washes it.
feather close up

juat another view

the label tring a new techique
sorry I could not get to turn around on the blog

I am happy with how it turned out. My quilting is not perfect and I still have a lot to learn. But I feel that I learn a little more each time I quilt a quilt. I have always been told practice, pratice, practice. And if you can quilt for 20  minutes a day for a month you will get very comfortable with it and then be able to do more amazing quilting on your quilts.
now to get on with a few other projects and a few alterations.
Sew that's all for now have a great day,
in stitches and hugs

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

W I P Wednesdays

binding  only 375 inches to go
Well this Wednesday i am still working on the shadow box quilt, just the binding left , over 400 inches. It is put on by machine and will be closed off by hand. Sew with the dead line of this weekend I think I will get it done, Just to get at the label.
fall wall hangings.....
notice the denim pants
recycled jeans

And on the ironing board I have a few (4) little wall hangings. They are all the same but using up different fabrics in my scrap  basket box(es). I seams to make multiples when I find something I like as a small project. As I like to use them fro gifts. My daughter is a kindergarten teacher and I like to send things her way to add to the classroom .

Sew that's it from me today got to get at that binding.
one of the views on my walks about town
I just love the fall colors and the sound crunching
under foot
In stitches and hugs
be sure to check out the Needle And Thread Network
WIP Wednesday to see what the others have been up to
as well .See side bar for the link.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tidbit Tuesdays #3

 Tuesdays Tidbit is on Thread guides and holders
Well this little tidbit is one from playing around with different type of thread holders. For those large spools and cones and speical threads.
cone thread holder ... could be mounted on a block of wood
 or attached to your work surface
thread holder guide that
sits on the machines  spool

 What I have found is that sometimes I have to use a   thread  holder to get a better stitch on my machine.
Maybe it has something to do with the tension or it just lets the thread relax a tiny bit before running through the tension discs.( I would have a terible problem with thread shreding and breaking as well as jumping behind the needle screw)
  I have used a free standing holder , one the attaches to the thread pins ( doesn't work with the machine I am using at the moment) as well as using the guide off the surger when in a pinch. and now I have one that fits on the top of my machine sew that the cone is not in the way on the table.

The one made for my machine.
By using it the thread has behaved very well, with no shredding or breaking even using the variegated threads.
I still have to test the tensions and pivot hieghts when free motion quilting.   And I have put it through  a good test working one my daughter's quilt. A good friend has one of the cone flower thread holders and is testing it out at this time ... I do believe that she is happy with it. It has a little more weight than the one I have sew it is not tipping like mine did.

The nice thing about having the  thread behave is that you do not waste sew much thread and time.  I am not using extra items such as sewer's aid to lubricate the thread ( when using this item make sure that you wipe off the needle and bobbin case  you do not want a build up of this product * I also had the okay from the company to use it to fix my problems with the thread and not do any damage to my machine).

Sew now I have finished quilting my daughter's quilt and happy to say that I did not have any of the problems that I have had in the past.
Sew if you need to sew with special threads give a cone/thread holder a try. It just may give you the results you are looking for.

Well now I will be off to hand sewing the binding ( over 400 inches ,1016cm ) sew that will take a day or two.  Pictures to follow, and then a label to make ....must have a label to give a little history... But that's another story

In stitches and hugs

Monday, October 3, 2011

taking a lunch break

just a short note as I am just taken a lunch break,
you see I did not get much quilting done this weekend, I do have clean clothes the laundry is just about complete the widows are clean and the camper is put away for the winter.
But this morning I started back at the quilt and now I only have one and a half borders left to quilt, one step at a time and this king size baby will be done. I will have to do a label later but I can put that on as we travel to our daughters this weekend for Thanksgiving. Sew I feel I will make my goal this time.
Sew I best get back to quilting ......
 maybe a walk in an hour or sew
 Do not want to miss the whole day, as it looks very nice out there

ta ta for now
in stitches and hugs

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Versatile blogger

There are rules to this award...
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself on the post.
3. Pass the award to fifteen bloggers that you think deserve it.
4. Lastly, contact all of the bloggers that you've picked for the award.
The other day Sheila gave me the award of "Versatile Blogger"  This was such  a nice complement as I am very new to blogging, and love to share my quilting knowledge such as it is.
 Sew  I want to sayThank you Sheila , Sheila's Quilt World
and also thank you for helping become a reply blogger, sew that I can hear back from the sites I leave comments on.
now for a few things about myself
1. I have always played with fabric ..... my mom would let me in her scraps to create some pretty strange looking doll clothes , which at the time I thought they were wonderful at the time.
2. I have a collection of sewing machines , varying from little clocks to  3 vintage treadle..... all in all I think I have around 20 ( running out of places to display them )
3. I have started to design a few patterns .
4. I teach a few quilting classes ..... I have 4 classes to teach this fall.
5. I enjoy each season as they come, they each have something to grab our attention, from the colors to the smells  just  the change in things around you.
6. Next to sewing and quilting I will use yoga  or a long walk to relax.
7. I love to make many different items for my family..... can they ever have too many quilts ...right. It is my way of wrapping them in hugs.
Now to give pass on the award ... hmm. I don't have that many bloggers that I have contacts with sew I will do my best at giving at least a short list. I am not sure that I will be able to come with 15  there are sew many out there that I do not know yet.
1.Leah Day
2. Carla Barrett
3.Maria Hohn
Sew I hope these ladies inspire you as they do me.
Leah is always creating new machine quilting design video , she has over 300 designs sew far. Carla has on line classes on quilt whispering and is talented in other area  such as beading , knitting etc.  and loves to go sailing .
 Marcia shares quilt block patterns that she has developed and has had them tested.
Sew I have followed Sheila by only having 3 bloggers to pass this award on to.
Hope you will check them out and enjoy their sites as much as I do. 
Now to contact the ladies.
stay in stitches
hugs Annette