Thursday, January 14, 2016

a little bit here and a little bit there

A few more stitches today ......
center panel complete

A start of a BOM that is on the Craftsy site hosted by Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries.
I am taking this as a great way to use up a few of the fabrics that I have left over from other projects and those that were just waiting for a project.
great little travel pouch for my tools 

On another site I came across this cut little scissor, etc. holder. I think it will make nice little gifts for some of my sewing friends .

Next I want to get a start on a gift quilt, I am trying not to do to much to fast sew it has only been a little time here and a little time  there in my sewing area. Slowly but surely I will be back to my quilty self.

Thanks for stopping by
in stitches

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

a stitch at a time

Well I have looked at the calendar and see that we are almost half way through the first month of the year..... it has been a blur but now starting to come in focus.

My sewing area is a mess and is wanting some attention, Class samples have to get finished off and some written up. Sew as I slowly get my arm back into the swing of things  I will just do a little at a time.It is a good feeling to get the movement back in my arm and elbow.

 I also have a baby quilt to create...... this one is going to be such fun for a little one due next month. The sketch is done and now to get at it..... maybe next week but soon.
 Sew this afternoon I can say that I have the supply list sent off and the machine sample finished to go with the hand work sample of the Dresden Plate block.
machine and hand applique
 Dresden Plates

The weather is starting to warm a bit at the moment it is -9 c outside and cloudy, the birds are enjoying the feeders...... empty again I see.

I also hope to put some of the craftsy classes to use shortly, I will re watch them as I go this time and do the homework along the way.

I have been studying the class list for this years Stitches Conference in Munster hosted by Haus of Stitches  check it out at I am looking at about 4 different days.

I was talking with the local area Arts Council this morning and we are going to host another quilt show at the gallery in June...... Run Away with Quilts. They will be running an ad in the paper to let the local quilters know sew that they have time to do a little sewing or find that treasure they want to share. I am hoping that we will get a nice selection of Runners for the table or your bed as well as larger quilted items and wall hangings.

Well that's bee my day ..... Have a good one and stitch a little just for fun
in stitches

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Getting the itch to stitch

Well I have been watching some of the craftsy classes, and I'm just itching to stitch something. I have watched ruler work quilting, some technique classes and working my way through quilt con 2013 . I even signed in for the BOM class 2016..... check it out they are offering it as a free class, while there check out the vast array of classes offered in many different fields.

I have been grateful to have something to keep my mind busy. We had an awful start to this year.... we lost some wonderful people in our lives. A family of 4 lost to a terrible accident, I'm still having a hard time believing this has happened. My heart goes out to my friend who has lost so much,hugs to you my dear friend.

Sew let's remember to Live ,Love and Laugh
with those around you and close to your heart.

In stitches

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Welcome 2016

Happy New Year to you all.
I'm hoping you all had a great holiday season
I have gotten off to a slow start this year. I somehow have gotten an infection in my elbow. Sew things will be slow for a bit , thought it would be a great time to watch some of my craftsy classes.
That's all for now....... in stitches