Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Putting my Stamp on It...... with a

It's the 26th of June and time to start a new hop, Sew let's put our stamp on it. Mine will be with a Dragonfly and some lilies too.
I do love my Dragon flies and all the good that they do eating up those mosquitoes.... or mossies' as my Aussie cousins call them.
I love the colors that they come in and the sizes that they can be from the tiny bright blue to the large dark green and gold.
One summer I had one come and land on the magazine that I was reading, it flew away and came right back to see if I had turned the page. It hung out with me for about 20 minutes.
 I have many pins and decorations, and coffee/ tea cups with dragonflies as well as a few quilted items and a little extra fabric.
I also love our prairie lilies and I used a dear friends pattern to make the lilies that I have on my stamp.I thought it was a great way to blend our ideas.
Put them together and this is what I came up with .......

I picked up some Jumbo Rickrack for my stamps edge and a little ribbon. I think it worked out well, don't you?

As you can see from the stamp I live in Canada and I chose to have what we call Permanent Postage , with the little P on the Maple Leaf.
A few years back I also made this quilt when we received a new cancellation mark for our town..

I hope you enjoyed my little post and will stop in and see what the others have created leaving their stamp behind.
Thanks to Thearica and Mdm Samm for keeping us in a creative loop and in touch with sew many other who share some of the same addictions ...... fabrics and sewing....just plain  old playing with our toys, and of course to do our show and tell.
Here is a pic of the pattern that I used for my lilies, ChiChi may have it in other shops as well.
 Here are the links for the hop  today. I do hope you  enjoy a visit and a glass of lemonade as you follow along.
June 26

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The Thimblemouse

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In Stitches And Seams  that's me

                                                                  Have a great Summer

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New Hop Starts on the 26th

Are you ready to put your stamp on it?     I am and I can hardly wait to see what everyone else has created. I am sure this will be another fun hop with some very interesting quilted stamps that show a little more about each of us.
I will be on day #1 sew stop on by to see what the first day brings.
I would like to say a special thank you to Thearica and Mdm Samm for hosting this Hop.
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

W.I.P.'s for Wednesday

I have a little to share this Wednesday.
I did get the crazy patch quilt put together now to work on the backing and get it quilted. It will finish around 75 x 92 inches
ready to make into a quilt.....
sure is crazy how much folks love
to curl up with these quilts

I have only the binding to work on with my flower tile with 3-d Applique. I think I will add a little more shading to the leaves on this one and will try another one later.

While out side yesterday this young robin was out checking for worms.
                                                                    a little visitor
We also have a nest just outside one of the bedroom windows with 3 little ones just getting their feathers, right now they just have some fluff. We will be watching for them to be checking out the back yard.
Well that's all for now, Thanks for stopping by.
Wishing you all a great day with a few stitches to keep us happy.
I'll be linking up with Monika  , sew stop over and see what everyone else has been up to.
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Put Your Stamp on it

The schedule is up now for what should be a fun hop.
Thanks Thearica  for reminding me to get a little more organized I'll be working what I sketched into fabrics later today.
Here is the schedule as it stands

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July 1

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July 2

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July 3

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Sew I hope you all will stop on by when the hop begins June 26
I'll post updates when we get a little closer
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Loven' Lace

Wednesday was Lace Lovers Bra Class
We were given instructions on how to do a variety of different styles of   lace embellished bras. The hardest part was to choose one and get started.
my first lacey bra from class

I chose to put lace in half of the upper cup as well as in the bridge of the bra. I also added the internal power bar ( power shield as I call it ) which gives a little extra support on the side of your bust.
I picked up a few extra kits sew that I can make a few more.
 One of the kits is a nice bright red..... I thought I would support heart and stroke with my red bra, under my t-shirt of course, as I ride the big bike later this month to support them.

I am linking up with The Needle and Thread Network with Monika
 a couple more from other makers

thanks for stopping by
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just a start on classes

Today I start class three that I had booked at the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference. Lace Lovers Bra class.
learning a block and how you can use it.

I have taken a Mary Ellen Hopkins Technique class with Dianne Jannson and  a Square in a Square class with Jodi Barrows. Both were very good classes and with a bunch of great ladies.

Liz's Gift Blocks
also know as
 Bridal Veil Quilt
as made by Jodi's Great Grandmother
 ( I think I have that right ... could have been her grandmother)
Today's lace lovers bra class will finish up on Wednesday
                                                        an inside look at the make up of a lace bra
 I have one more class booked but have not decided if I will get to it.
My hubby is home recouping and I feel that I should be near just in case he needs any help. I have found it  hard to keep focused on the classes but it is getting better. And hubby seams to be doing pretty good.
Well that's it for now.
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