Saturday, July 30, 2011

off for the long weekend

We'll be heading out this morning to spend the weekend with hubby's brother and his wife over at Defenbaker lake , camping and boating. Should be a fun time, it's be a long while since we have been able to camp together.
I had my mom here for the last week and just took her home last night. I hope she enjoyed her time here, even though I had to work a lot. I will have her here again in Sept. for another week. I plan not to be working sew many extra hours sew that I can spend the time with her.It was nice to have her here.
Next week I do hope to get a little sewing and quilting done for me as the last while I have done a bunch of alterations for a couple weddings....... I do not think there are many folks out there that sew any more or they only sew for fun .... hmmmmm ... fun and family that would keep me busy enough but the alterations help to keep me in fabric  sew  I will sew for other for a little while yet. This also has me thinking about buying a new serger ... one that will do the cover stitch at least a 5 thread machine
well that 's is for now
stay in stitches

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ah .... summer

Well we are definitely having summer now, It's been +30 and humidity making it feel hot and sticky. I think this is what summer can be about we just have not had one in a few years. Sew some of us are in the basements keeping our cool and other have the air conditioners running. Sew as we keep our cool I hope to get a couple projects done in the evenings and enjoy the summer on the weekends at the lake.
Samples are all done for the shop and the postcards will be bundled and mailed off in the morning as I think it will be weeks before I will get there again.
I think it is time for some iced tea and a magazine .... sew until next time stay institches

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stain glass angel

Just showing my angel quilt waiting to be quilted a friend of my daughter wanted to see this one sew I have finially remembered to take a picture for them.
Sew I am off again ... alsmost have the post cards done next a couple of Christmas stockings and tommorrow our daughter will be home with a few things to sew up for her home.
take care out there

Prizes and posies

This weekend I took in the artist trail. When you visited each of the different artists they stamped your passport I managed to get to 6 of them. When you where finished you dropped off your passport to go into a draw.   And this morning at work I was presented with a painting by Michael Gaudet of Danceland down at Manitou Springs just outside of Watous.There is a lot of history behind Danceland and it's horse hair dance floor. Sew this was a very nice surprise.

Well I was outside i thought I would take a couple pics of the posies that are in bloom. The rose bush has over 50 buds on it, it was a gift from the girls at work when my father in law passed. We can not believe how well it is doing.

The Lillie's are growing along the fence and are just starting to bloom as well they have gotten quite tall this year, over 4 ft. The other posies is one growing on the side of the garage, just bright and sunny one that I just can't think of the name right now.

Christmas post cards in progress
On the sewing front I have gotten a few more alterations done and have gotten back to the post cards for the store., for the demo night. I am making Christmas ones this time. Sew I am just playing with ideas and scraps of holiday prints to see what I can come up with.

Off to take a couple more pics to upload until next time stay in stitches
Hugs Annette
just a little taste of summer.....mmmm

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Twilight Ball Weekend

It's been a busy weekend here. Watrous hosted the Twilight baseball tournament. Sew we had a chance to visit with a bunch of the guys from the team that hubby played baseball with. Hubby had asked the team and families over for supper on Friday night about half the team was here and we did not run out of food, which is what I worried about. We had done up 3 roasts on the BBQ and I had made a few salads, a baked bean dish punch and the extras that go with all of that. We had a nice evening for a visit out side and had a camp fire as well.
Hubby had been asked to through out the first pitch at the opening ceremonies, which was a nice honour wish I could have been there too. We took in most of the games hubby did not miss any  played by the team he used to play with, they lost out in the semi final this morning. Maybe next year boys.

This weekend also was the artist trail. This is the first one that I have been home to take in. I did get to 6 of the 10 spots and did a little shopping at a couple of them. There was a nice variety of paintings and pottery. I picked up one item as a thought for a goodies for our family reunion that we are planing for 2015  .... I want to be ready and organized well ahead of time. Sew I have to run it by a few of the family that I hope to get involved with the planing.  I think it will be a fun time as we always have a great time we we have the chance to get together .

It's been a cool and windy week end with some rain and a bit of a storm on Friday night . Not the typical ball weather. Sew there where a lot of quilts at the ball park today just to keep warm. That is something that I have to make a few more of,   Quilts for the ball park ... you know the ones that it is okay to drag around and get dirty.  I like the ones made from old blue jeans as they are durable and thick, and will stop the wind from getting through. Sometimes I will back them with a coat weight fabric that blocks the wind and rain ..... I think I still need to make a couple of these for some of my family  I will have to start to make a list of these projects and maybe do a photo shoot  of them in progress.

And on my sewing front I was able to get a few alterations done and only have a wedding gown left to tackle. I do hope to get that done this week sew that I can get back to a few of my own projects and patterns.

sew stay in stitches until next time

Thursday, July 7, 2011

new little treasures

When I was helping my mom she gave me a package that she had been holding of a while. This is something that I have thought about working with but knew that it would be a while collecting with out further adu here they are.........
sew now that I have almost 60 vintage hankies I can start to plan a quilt with them . They vary with size style and fabrics used. Some have embroidery
One hanking even has the wors to Jingle bells
written on it ... maybe a little wall hanging with this one
This one looks like silk from China and the ones below are done by hand. The hankies had belonged to a couple of my moms step aunts who where school teaches . Some had price tags of .10 to .15 cents
 I have a few other treasure that where thiers as well. some craft and  jewellery  that they had been given as gifts from students no doubt.

Sew now that I have shared this little treasure
I will head off to bed .
 If any one has an idea for these hankies I am open to suggestions for making them into a special little quilt.
sew until tomorrow
stay in stitches

Summer visitor

Last week I had a very interesting visitor in my backyard. I was taking the peelings out to the compost and this is who I woke up. She was sleeping in the shade of the garage. Everyon thought she would have been eating in the garden but the lettuce is untouched.

On the weekend we where at the campgrounds and the kids at the next camper found a lone baby duckling beside another that did not make it. The water at the lake came up over the last week again sew we thinkthat the nest might have gotten to close and momma left. But the kids are looking after the babe and are trying to keep it fed and warm sew that they can release it a little later this summer.
lucky ducky

We are having a nice warm spell right now ,,,,,,,hmmmmm summer ..... it's sew nice to have you back, we have missed you the last couple of years.

I have also been busy working in the yard , pulling weeds ,watering plants and tending to the veggies. I want to tidy it up a little as we are palning on haveing the twilight ball team over for a bbq I think I will need all the room out there  that I can find . It will be great to see the gang. Hubby retired from the baseball team last year and when we hear that the games where here this year he wanted to treat the guys to a meal with us. Sew I will be busy getting that ready for the next day or sew.
I miss my sewing machine I have not been there for a few days now ... hard to believe for some of my friends.   Soon I will get there... I hope.
I do have a treasure to share .... maybe next time
I am off to work
in stitches Annette