Thursday, May 31, 2012

SSC day 4 and Gala

Yesterday was a busy day full of things to learn about the square in a square ruler.
We had a lot of fun with Jodi Barrows and using her ruler as we did the Mystery Quilt. Each Mystery quilt is different.
You learned the  ruler as you made up the units to create your quilt.
square sets
Jodi explaining the blocks

Wendy Toye and I ( in reversed order)

Later that evening we had the Gala for the Challenge. The items were judged by a panel of 4 earlier in the conference. I was sew surprised when I was called up for 1st place with the Large Quilts.

The voting is on going for the viewers choice, sew we have no ides who that will be. .... good luck ladies.

now to go and pinch myself
in stitches

p.s here is a pic of the bra I made

The guest speaker tonight was Beverly the bra instructor for the 10 years of conference and bras were on topic.  ;)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SSC Day 3 and a little show and tell

Today I had the day off sew what did I do.
I went to the fabric shop and bought the fabrics that I will make my McCall's Quilting Quilt challenge piece with. I also have stitched up a sample of the block to be used as I have never done a storm at sea  block . It will be an interesting challenge.
I did also pop into a couple classes to see what the ladies where making,

my camping sewing space

class almost finished for the day  they will be back in the morning to finish working on their blocks

the above are some of Jodi's work below
are some show and tell items

and tonight Jodi Barrows was having a bit of a trunk show and tell.and there where a couple others that shared as well.

Well that all for now it's getting chilly out here at the picnic table and soon it will be dark.
have a great day
in stitches

Day 2 at SSC.... Bra Making

Day 2 at Saskatchewan Stitches Conference.
busy bra makers about 20 of us in this class

Brenda's bra underconstruction

Opps I forgot to take a picture of mine .... later I'm in wearing it. ;)

A busy Bra making day. Last night we drafted the pattern for our Shelly Bras form our base pattern. After creating a new pattern we all called it a night. Today we started to cut, sew a little unsewing was done as well. And by the end of the day I had my bra done as well as a few others. One gal even had a second one done. This time I made a partial band bra, it’s more like the ones I buy. And has a very comfy fit. There were a variety of color combinations, which was made much easier by having kits made up. I picked up a few kits to work on later this summer/fall.

I have gone to view the quilt show about 4 times sew far ….. I still do not think I have seen it all yet. I have a few shots of groups and a few single quilted items. Boy oh boy there’s a lot of talent out there. And such imaginations to create sew many things from the same fabric. I will have some photos at the end of the post.
I have been trying out one of the blocks for my challenge quilt. I ‘ll play with it in the morning as it is getting dark  in the camper and I am a bit tired and I do not want to make any mistakes.

My bosom buddy( a bra making buddy from a few years back ) stopped by the camper tonight and dropped this off for me.

Now to find a cork screw as I am

I’ll post this in the morning, off to bed now…

In stitches

 Sew here are a few of the quilted items for the 10 Anniversary Fabric Challenge at the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference 2012

I got to visit my quilt

what do you see here??

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 1 at conference

My First Day @ Saskatchewan Stitches Conference
arci show us the how to's

Honey comb waffle
My class was with Marci Baker,  - ABC- 3D . In the you could do either the Hollow Cube or Honeycomb Waffle.  Both quilts use similar techniques with very different results.
hollow cubes  class samples

 We had a full class with ladies form all over I think the furthest was from Ontario, she drove 12 hours to get here.  What we will not do to have a little fun. Sew glad that everyone made the effort to be in the class I know I enjoyed the class and meeting a few new gals. I even met Charlene who follows my blog from time to time, it was nice to meet you, I do hope we run into each other again.
here are a few pics from the class

a new friend and a visitor to my blog

I have a few pictures form the class to share.

 I did get 8 blocks put together and have 2 more in ready to sew.
half of what i did get done ... a good start with many more to follow
Marci and I
boy it was warm in the class room

Tonight I will go back to do the drafting of the shelly bra, which we will be sewing tomorrow. I’ll be taking it with a few of my friends.

Yesterday was a nicer day than today I have been running out there in the rain. I’ll be trying not to get everything soaked. As I take it from the camper to the car to class, it gets a little tricky. But sew far everything is dry.

The display of Challenge pieces is just breathtaking. Sew many different ideas …. Such talent I will see if it is allowed to that pictures I am sure you all you love to see them.

Well I’m back now pattern all drafted and ready to cut out in the morning.

I’ll try to send this tonight if I can find the connection at the campground.

In stitches


Friday, May 25, 2012

one more sleep

almost all packed except for the groceries. On my way to the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference .( SSC )

 I keep thinking I am going to forget something...... but there are stores in Humboldt sew not to worry I can always go shopping.

I use the lable tags to mark the class
and day of the week to
keep the bags striaght

Trying to keep all the classes sorted out, I have them bagged in very special bags from one of my favorite shops... Haus of Stitches in Humboldt.

I will also be taking my lap top with EQ7 loaded and paper and colored pencils to play with some ideas I have for the Challenge 1 part from McCall's Quilt Design Star competition. I have to have my quilt top made by the 17th of June and voting starts on the 19th.I have a few ideas fooling around in my head I just have to fine tune them and then decide on one.
While I am gone my youngest will turn 30 I find it hard to believe that, that many years have gone by. They will always be my kids even though they are all grown up and doing well for themselves. We are very proud of what they both have accomplished in their careers.
One of the classe sthat I will be taking will be the start of the quilt for my son's birthday quilt.
Well it's getting late I best get a couple more things done,
in stitches

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday

Boy do I have a lot of W.I.P.'s on the go..... at least that is how I feel
I have my Chickadee form the class that Monika taught on Sunday.
a little more shading done

I have a little table stand quilt with a home made chalkboard center to finish

memo board

May's FMQ Challenge

I have almost forgotten to get my FMQ challenge for May done ....Just finished it up. ( I leave on Saturday for the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference for a week )
I used a green thread on the pink, thinking it would show up more ....... really it is there.

I'll be linking up with SewCalGal and the May challenge with this one.
I'll also be linking up with The Needle and Thread Network with my W.I.P.'s
links for both are on the top of my side bar ..... be sure to check what they other have done .....

I also have one more item on the table, but I will not be showing it for a while
It is for the McCall's Quilting - Quilt Design Star 2012.
Be sure to check out the link here to see all of the winning designs in both categories.I'm in there in the Professional category.

Sew now I will leave you with a finished quilted item...
Star Fish..... my blueprinting wall hanging  :) It took a while to get all the beading done.

In stitches

p.s. any one in the Watrous area ... there will be a small quilt show from May 29 to June 23 at the Gallery on 3rd.