Sunday, August 20, 2017

Summer cold

Well today is a cool and cloudy day. A good day to do s bit of sewing. Sew glad I did laundry yesterday with the sun and breeze.
From my header you can guess the you I've caught a summertime cold up to today just a sore throat and a scratchy voice and today just feeling a tired.  But I will try not to let that stop me..... too much.
I have gotten a good start on a Victoria Quilt . The goal is to have  50 x 70 inch quilt . I am trying to make one that is not to feminine, as you know our guys can get sick with cancer to.
This is what I have sew far. I used the lighthouse print to pull colors and a pebble print for stepping stones and top and bottom boarders.

I am hoping to work up some of my stash and leftovers into a few quilts for them. Heaven knows I have a bit of fabric to get used up.
Happy stitching and take care
In stitches

Saturday, August 19, 2017

A little sewing for a little guy

Well I am slowly getting back into the swing for sewing again.
Today I got started on a little project for my great nephew.  I have been asked to make a quiet book which I am still planning. But to get going I thought I would make a little road trip book. On the back side I included a pocket for cars and chalk for the chalkboard back center panel.

Nothing fancy just plain fun. Hope the little guy enjoys it.

One other project that.I worked on was recovering a small ironing board.

Even though these are small projects they are giving me the desire to get back into my sewing room and create a little more.
That's all for now thanks for stopping by.
In stitches

Saturday, August 5, 2017

A July to remember

We have had a very busy July in our house this year . The most memorable moments would be our daughter's wedding. Just last weekend she and her hubby were wed .

As the mom of the bride I forgot my camera and the couple pictures on my phone are way to fuzzy to share . As soon as I get a good one I will post it. We seemed to be too busy being in pictures and running around visiting to take many.

I did manage to finish a quilt for the happy couple and have a picture of it just before doing the applique. I will have to get a photo of that one on their bed or in the back yard.
It fits their king size bed with a drop just past the top of the box spring.
The colors go well with the room. And they were surprised that I got it done because at one point this year I did not think it would happen. It's amazing what you can get done for your loved ones one stitch at a time.
We will remember this July and all  the joy that their wedding brought us all.
In stitches