Wednesday, February 22, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday

Well my project for this Wednesday  is a little different ..... No sewing involved with the main part of my day just a little of this

suit cases half packed ....... note the suitcase  scale on the side
after packing both are well under weight ......             ;  )
About time I got this done .......

sew now that I am packed we will be heading off on a holiday .
We are off to a warm wedding.
Sew that will mean that my blog will be on the quite side until I return.
Sunshine here we come

But until we leave I will try and get a little stitching in on my main project.

in stitches

p.s.    I am linking up with The needle and Thread Network.   Check out the link on my side bar to see what the other gals across Canada have been up to.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

on to the next round

I have gotten back to Jewels of the Night ( my challenge project) and I was able to get the next round finished ...only three more borders to go.

I had also gotten a start on a little Christmas sewing and made thses two aprons and then used the pieces cut away to make a pot holder to go with each apron. I have been hopeing to link up with  a site that Fiona had told me about .... maybe next month I'll be home to do that. The site has a link for making Christmas items throughout the year and postoing them by the 25 of each month .I  will have to see if I can find it later today and get a link going.

My blog will be a little quite later this week as we will be off for a wedding ...... in Cancun Mexico
ahhhhh sunshine and warmth..... mind you with hot flashes who needs
It has not been a bad winter this year much warmer than usual and hardly any snow where we are. Sew from flooding in the basement 2 years ago to looking for the mosture this year...... things are a changing that's for sure.
Off to stitch a little before work ,
I am getting excited to have this one done and to be on holidays.
In stitches and hugs

Sunday, February 19, 2012

quite weekend for quilting

Well it's been a quite weekend for any quilting , but I have done a bit of sewing for a few others going on holidays with me . And weekend company... love to have the company : ) I guess I will have to check my stuff to see if I need any fixes to need to make any thing before I go. Nothing like last minute sewing. But really I think if I make any thing it will be a wrap for my swim suit cover up.
I hope to get a couple other thinks done before we go and get a good start on a project for grandma coco
( testing a pattern out for her).
I did manage to get 2 Christmas aprons cut out and pressed maybe I'll get those done and have a start on some Christmas sewing and link up with a few other gals I know who are part of that challenge.
Sew for now, it is back to watch some of the curling on TV ....  the ladies are curling this week.
take care
in stitches

Thursday, February 16, 2012

We have a winner

I would like to say thank you to all who entered my little giveaway, and those who just pop over to see what I am up to. It has been a great pleasure getting to know you all.
back to the business at hand .
I was up early this morning checking to see if there were any more entries. Then I did the old fashioned way For the draw........ wrote the names on paper ,cut apart
drum roll........
 and then put in a pot....
..... light shaken and then pulled out a name......

congratulations Fiona from BubzRugz
an interesting fact ..... a year ago she stumbled across my blog and had become my very first follower.Since then we have chatted many times and I feel we have become friends and I hope to meet her the next time we are down under visiting family.

sew as soon as I hear from her I will get her package off in the mail.

And here's to another year of blogging I hope you can all stop by from time to time.....
in stitches

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day / one year bloging

Happy Valentines' Day to you one and all.
Well it's been a full year today that I have been trying this thing called blogging.
I have learned alot about the computer and how things work and learned a lot from other blogers/quilters out there as well. I had thought that I was not going to be able to figure this out and then my daughter showed me the blog she does for her class to keep the kids and parents informed. She walked me through getting started and has helpped when I have had a question or two and I have a few blogging friends that have helpped figure other things out as well. And that does not even touch all the other things i have learned from quilting to being guleten free.
I hope to try and keep it up for another year , and longer .

I do a a little to show for this weeks W.I.P.
I have started on a small wall hanging  using spool blocks. My friend Sheila is making one and I had told her I would try to do the same.
Here is what I was able to get started with

the far pic shows the block with 4 spools that I will set with these two larger ones. they will be the center of my wall hanging. I will also add my blog name to the wall hanging to hang in the quilting area.
Still quilting on my challenge quilt , about 1/2 done now.

Sew that 's all for now be sure to check out The Needle and Thread Network link on my side bar .
And if you are sew inclind check out my ppost from a couple days ago with my anniversary give away ( closes midnight on the 15)

take care  and hugs
in stitches

Sunday, February 12, 2012

February FMQ Challenge

Well here it is almost the middle of the month, time to get at my challenge piece for the fmq challenge. I have a link on my side bar sew that you can see what it is all about and join in on the fun of learning.

This month was feathers taught be Diane Gaudynski,   I have admired her stitching for a few years now. I first saw her on Simply Quilts on HGTV with Alex Anderson. I could not get over the detail she can get in her quits with the stitching.... something to strive for.
Sew here is my attempt at this months challenge.

I will practice  feathers often I do like the look and how they fill a space. I do like to add curls and swrils to them.

I have been practicing my fm quilting on my challenge piece called Jewels of the night. I am about 2/3's done, depending on how much I quilt in each border. I have ideas of what I would like to quilt sew I will draw them out to see how I like it and how it will flow.
I have used a technique that I learned from Leah Day over at the Free Motion Quilting Project on using a self threading needle to bury thread tails. Check  her site she has a video to show you how she uses the needles. I have found that when using  rayon thread if you twist it with the cotton before you thread the needle it dose not shred on you.

I will be having my 1 yr anniversary  blogging this week. If you like check out the give away I am hosting.
Thanks for stopping by
in stitches

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Anniversary Give Away

Ribbon embroidery Teddy

close up of stitches
Hard to believe that I have been blogging for a year on the 14th.
 I started on a date that I could remember.
 Trying something different and learning a lot along the way. During the year of blogging I have made many new friends and learned many skills blogging and quilting. I have also learned that the bloggers that I have come to know are very generous and always willing to help you out when in need.
 Sew to celebrate my one year anniversary I am putting together a give away.

It will include ribbon embroidery ribbon .... singles and a couple multi packs

A pattern or two

a bit of fabrics
 and a few other little goodies.

country charm pack
To enter be ( or become ) a follower and leave a comment.
 Please leave contact info if you have a non reply message.

I will make the draw the on the 16 of Feb. Sew you can enter until midnight my time Valentines day...... let's make it midnight on the 15th  as you all might be out with your sweethearts on the 14th.

I will do a random number / name draw.

This is just to say thank you for sharing a little of your day with me.
Good luck to all who enter.
Sew here's to another great year of sharing.
In stitches and seams

lack of stitching

Not much stitching going on here this week.
 A little fmq and extra hours at work.
Sew maybe this weekend I will get something done to share. Hope I do not go through withdrawal, I am used to a little stitching every day.
I do enjoy stopping in on other blogers to see what they are up to. There are some pretty amazing quilters/ stitchers out there.
Sew until next time
Stay in stitches

Monday, February 6, 2012

Dragonfly Summer

Progress on the weekend.
I did get a couple rounds of fmq done on Jewels of the Night.
And then when I took a break I worked up the samples from the D9P quilt class. I played with the setting and borders. I think I will add one more border to the little quilt, if I have the right color.  Green or plum?
Dragonfly summer ...58 inches sew far

 I did play with a couple pieces for the one border that I did put on. I only had sew much of each and my first thought was to do two borders that were 3 inches  wide and then I thought that this would work using 6 inch wide borders. I also had one block left sew I made this little runner, just the binding left on it.
.The fabric I used was a charm pack called dragonfly summer by moda.  The borders are another dragonfly fabric, The charms where a gift sew I guess this one is for me. Might just be my camper quilt, or one for the couch to curl up with.                                         
I have a question for you all out there. Have any of you used minky ( or minky like ..... super soft and silky knit type fabric) to back your quilts with.?? What problems did you encounter if any??
I have never tried it. I think it would be great on a baby quilt or even one for a cancer survivor.

Have a great evening.
In stitches

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spring in February

Another day of melting..... way to early for spring at least here. I do not mind the warmer temps but I do hope that when spring is supposed to come that we have those temps then too.

Another weekend that I hope to work on my challenge quilt and maybe start on a wall hanging.
 One for my sewing area with my blog title in. Sheila and I are each working on one.
 We'll see what happens, as we are also getting some company this afternoon. Hubby's niece is coming to check out some trucks at the dealerships out here. she totaled hers off a little while back, with the icy roads in the city.
I best get going and have some lunch and get ready for a nice visit.

in stitches

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Labels and loose Threads

Well it's Wednesday once again and time for w.i.p's.
This weeks works in progress are a few quilt labels for some baby quilts. I like to use my Brother machine for  these. They get a little large but everyone seams to like them.I have a couple more to make to get caught up and then get the quilts off to the wee ones.

My other project is trimming any stray threads off the back of "Jewels of the Night " quilt ..... my challenge project. I do not want any stray black threads showing through in the light areas of the quilt. After I clean up the back a little I will get it ready to machine quilt.
Sorry to keep going on about this one with out any full pictures. I am very happy with how it is turning out and hope you all will like it when it is unveiled in April .

Well that weather outside is way too much like spring. We drove down to the beach (Manitou Beach) a 5 minute drive. and believe it or not there is a skunk out there, his perfume gave him away.

remeber to check out The Needle and Thread Network on my side bar to see what all the ladies have been up to

in stitches