Tuesday, April 29, 2014

still more snow

just outside my back door
well the last 2 mornings we have woken up to a fresh blanket of snow. It melted yesterday and was almost but not quite gone and this morning someone hit the reset button and we will try it again.
I hope the weather man is right in saying that it will be around 14 c on Wednesday ..... fingers cross hands together ( a little prayer can't hurt)
On the up side if I was at home all day I would be at my machine ........ maybe after work for a bit if I am lucky.
Oh well I know the farmers will enjoy the moisture that is when ift drys up and they can get the crop seeded.
I'll enjoy the day as the snow's freshness will be gone again and soon we will have springtime green.
in stitches and winter boots

Friday, April 25, 2014

sew much mositure

and in its many forms .... well at least 2 snow and rain. Last weekend we had some very heavy snow .... a ton of moisture in that stuff. It was very heavy when I was shoveling it at work last Saturday. And then this week a lot of rain to help wash off some of winter dirt.
The birds are coming back and I have seen one lonely Robin sew spring must be here now.
I have not done much on the sewing or quilting front, we did plan out a couple of quilts for Victoria Quilts Canada. We will be using some panels for the base of one quilt and then do a stack and whack with some other fabrics. These quilts will be a little more masculine in color and design.
 Well that's about all for now...... stay in stitches

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring time Post cards

Well I am a little slow at getting these posted as Judy and Lin have had them for a while. My post card from Judy arrived last week and is a beautiful poise, I just needed to have a photo shoot with it and here it is in all it's glory

I was a lucky gal to be trading with two ladies and receiving such nice cards thank you both they are brightening up  my wintery spring.
and another peak at Lin's
Thanks to Sheila as well for organizing the swap. It is always fun to receive these in the mail and see the  different styles of creative postcards that are created out there. And of course it gives us play time and we all need a little of that.
in stitches until next time

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Last day of the hop

FLAGS ON A STICK  Last day of the hop and what a hop it has been
stop by these sites to see a few more great creative flags

Thanks ladies for sew much inspiration 
in stitches