Monday, January 28, 2013

where dose the time go????

Well it's been a few days since I posted any thing on the blog..... sorry about that.
Let's see what I have gotten done in the last week or sew.
I have 3D quilt Hollow Cubes ready for the label which I hope to stitch out today.
I taught a Fabric Post Card class on Tuesday evening and contacted everyone on my end for  a post card exchange with a group of gals in Nova Scotia who are in a guild with Sheila from Sheila's Quilt World . I have made a few more post cards and should have them in the mail on  Tuesday, sew that they will arrive before Valentine's Day. Thanks Sheila for organizing the swap I am sure we all will enjoy seeing what we will receive in the mail.
I went to Humboldt, with one of my quilting buddies, to sign up for some classes for this years conference the end of May. As well as delivering a few gifts to a good friend while there.
I have had some fabric dropped off to make a couple costumes for some young people in the dance club here in town .... now to get the measurements so that I can get to the sewing.
And of course there was work ..... so that's what I have been up to.
And as for today I hope to get to my machine as I did not sew all weekend and I can hear it calling me  ; )
The quilt label and getting started on the next hop that I will be participating in. I may have to make a call sew that I can get started on those costumes, as I may have some time to work on them this week.
I  also hope to get a few pictures taken to put in my next post sew that you can see what I have been up to as well.
Thanks for stopping by
in stitches

Monday, January 14, 2013

In Your Words - feeling a little Blue ???

  (My post for January 15)

Well it is almost at the end of the Hop .... but today is my turn to show you what I did.
A couple years ago at the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference I took a blue printing class also know as Cyanotype.
Blue Printing is done with  fabric that has been treated with chemicals that react to the sun. You work in semi darkness to prepare your fabric with items that will create your end design , kind of a negative image and then you take your work out in to the sunshine. The fabric starts out a chartreuse green and changes to the dark blue. When the desired darkness is achieved you then remove the design items and rinse it out well to stop the process and then hang to dry indoors. The only thing you must remember is that this fabric can never be washed with soap as the phosphates will take the blue away.
 I had a great time learning and playing with this and loved the end result of the fabric. But alas you know who it goes that we do not always get everything done that we would like to , with what I had started in that class.
One of the items I did had some words that I like and that I think apply to all of us
some of my favorite words

Sew Thank you Madam Samm and Linda for this hop as it helped me to take out my wordy fabric and get creative.  I added some free motion quilting and embroidery.
Here is my finished product..... I hope you like it

Sew try to Live Well, Love with all your heart and Laugh often. I know I try to follow these words.

I also had one piece that I tea died  sew I made this little mat to stick my Needles and Pins into sew that they do not fall to the floor and get lost in the carpet only to be found later by someones' feet.( usually my hubby's)

I also have one more item only just started as I still am looking for the words to put along the wide border....
awaiting words,
 a baby's name
Thank you for sharing a little of your day with me, now if you have time stop on by and visit my fellow bloggers
Here is  today's schedule

Tuesday, January 15

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What a great group of ladies to be included with . I hope you are enjoying the blog hop as much as I am, I love seeing what everyone has done.
in stitches

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Work & Play

Well this weekend is a little of both
I have to finish getting organized for the post card class and put a few kits together as well as a couple alterations.
Next will be the finishing touches to my wall hanging for the IN YOUR WORDS blog hop I hop you all have been checking out what everyone has made sew far .... there is a lot of talent out there and sew many interesting projects have been shown.....not to mention all the give aways that have been hosted by the bloggers. Here is the full list as given to me
check out the past days too.
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Sew there you have it Lots to do ... lots to see....
I chat with you later this weekend after I get caught up .... a little
in stitchs

Sunday, January 6, 2013

weekend at play

I have been having some fun with my FMQing on one of the projects for IN YOUR WORDS blog hop.
adding some details to my wall hanging

Getting started on some swap post cards / and samples too

I also have a few post cards started and want to make a few more I am working towards a class I will be teaching as well as a post card swap with My friend Sheila and her guild in Nova Scotia
a couple more

This winter I am getting to be very popular with sewing requests for more than just alterations. I have a couple dance costumes to think on as well. I will see the patterns next week and decide then. I know that I have the option to decline , but I also know that there are not very many in town who would tackle this...... I am having a hard time to disappoint them ......... we'll see I know I just have to decide if I can do it and work and find time for my quilting as well..... I need my play time, as you know.
 It could be a challenge....Sew we will see what happens.
Sew that's what I have been up to this weekend.
See you next week.
In stitches

Friday, January 4, 2013

new year = new projects

Well the new year has started with a couple of new projects for me. I am working on my quilted projects for the In Your Words hop that starts soon ( link on my side bar )
I also have a few projects to finish from last year too.
I have Hollow Cubes pin basted and ready to go , now it is to get some time in the evenings to sit a FMQ I know once I get started it will not take long
pinned and waiting for FMQing

 When I start FMQ that's all I want to do
I have also been testing out the new motherboard on my sewing machine, with a lot of decorative stitching. that is where the last one was having troubles. Crazy quilt blocks are great for that.

 I have also piece a quilt that is just waiting for a little applique for the test too.
looking for the right words

I have gotten some hemming done and I still want to make a dozen little under shirts for a friend to take on her mission trip.
Later this month I my be starting a grad gown for a young gal here in town. I will wait to see what it is that she wants before committing myself to the project.

The house is quilt now with the kids having gone back to thier own homes ... miss them both already.

Having some fun with my blog ......: ( not sure why it will not let me post and change the photos as before the new year.....I hope to figure it out soon. Sorry about double pics.
in stitches until next time