Thursday, May 26, 2011

Almost ready

Well the week is almost done and I have a good start on packing the camper and then off to class. I have to get a few more groceries and then I should be ready. I know the conference is close when Brenda comes for lunch on her way. We are looking forward to a good visit and sharing of ideas. Who knows what we will cook up this year. Brenda has tested a few of my patterns.  Sew maybe I will come up with a few more ideas for patterns for her to test for me.  I may try to have them available on line not sure what is involved for that.
 I find it hard to believe that the month of May is coming to a close already where did it go?? This whole year seams to be flying by. I hope it can slow down a bit for the summer sew that we can all enjoy the sunshine and warmth.
Off to make some supper . Take care and stay in stitches

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

quilt pics

creative curves quilt top

 Just a short note to show the two quilts that I have mentioned the Creative Curves quilt top and the Pink and Gray Square in a Square sampler. I still have a few things to figure out but as I do I will share more pics etc. including how I used the scraps from the curves quilt.
I do hope to share a little from the Stitches Conference next week.
I really am looking forward to touching base with some old friends and making new ones as well.
The conference is held at an Abby in the town of Munster. The monks do the cooking for the guests and you have the choice of staying in the dorms or like myself I will be camping in Humbolt. The monks are great cooks but I have been eating gluten free for a couple years now and this works the best for me.

Square in a Square sampler
   I have started to pack the camper and will get my quilting class items all organized. I will shop for some groceries later this week. I hope I do not forget anything( class wise), as I will not be making any trips home between classes .                       
   keep in stitches

Monday, May 23, 2011

a hot cappaciono day

Well we had a nice rain this morning and drizzle off and on  since, temps around 4.
Sew off to the city we went. Shopping for a new vacuum .Ours died on Saturday .
We bought a dyson ball upright vacuum.Look out dirt and threads we are coming to get you hahaha. a few yrs back when I thought the old one was showing it's age ( 10 -12 yrs old ) we started looking and I had said that I would like to get a dyson, all that good advertising.I will comment later on how it works out. First we have to get it our of the box and see what needs to be put together.
Last night I did get  one block made with the angle ruler .... it was okay but I think my center points should match better I will be off to try another and see how that goes. I am tempeted to take a little extra fabric for this class as not to mess up the fabrics for the quilt and run out.
In the mean time I hope to get another quilt quilted and work on a wedding gown alteration.
Sew it is off to work ( play ) I go.
Have a great day .... cuddle with a quilt
yours in stitches

Sunday, May 22, 2011

enjoying the weekend

It's been a great weekend sew far.
 Just working around the yard. Cutting the grass getting the garden planted ( sewing seeds) as well as most of the planters. Starting to look like spring with summer right around the corner.
It has been nice and warm, mid 20's with  sunshine ,  no rain so far.  Not what most places can say , but we could use a nice light rain.
Next week end I will be off to stitches conference for a week. I am looking forward to it. A time with friends new and old, and sew many teachers sharing their ideas and talents with us.
I have worked with one of the rulers by V. Walton and have to work with the other sew that I can have a few more questions to  understand the rulers better. I like how the curve ruler works I worked up the pattern that came with the ruler and was featured in a magazine.I even worked up the  left overs into a table top quilt, sew there was almost nothing left when I was done(pics will come when I get the camera loaded to the laptop)
I also have sent s few of my patterns to Wendy at Haus of Stitches for give aways at the conference as well as possible sales in the store with the opportunity to teach there in the fall.
Sew this summer I hope to create a few more patterns using my laptop. That is when ever I can find a little down time.
Well I want to go downstairs and to try out the other ruler , it is the angle ruler by V Walton.
Stay in stitches

Friday, May 20, 2011

Well I'm back

Sort of that is
We have a different computer hooked up and have to install everything again. Sew it will take a bit of time to do this and a lot of patience.
I have been busy with work and a few alterations. I even got the pink and gray quilt finished ... just a label left to do.
I have been getting my class supplies together for the classes starting next weekend. I worked on a couple samples with the rulers that we will be learning , I just have to work with them sew I can have a few  questions for the teacher.
I will pop back tomorrow. I want to check out the lap top that our son and my hubby picked up for me today . If I can get it set up I might take it to the conference.
Keep in stitches

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Computer Problems

Our computer stopped working.  I will be posting again once the computer is fixed or replaced.
In stiches,

Monday, May 2, 2011

Aprons and bibs

Well it seams that I did it again....... I got myself side tracked. I came across a bib pattern in, Better Homes and Gardens - Quilts and More Summer 2011. I thought gee I could make some out of my left over batting and fabric  (  9 bibs later and I have only just started ) just have to add the snaps and they are ready. This might be a good way to use up fabric from baby quilts to. Hmmmm...... the ideas keep coming.

aprons for young cooks

I also got 9 aprons made for our daughter , whom is a teacher and has a cooking club at school. When I asked if they had any aprons she said no. Sew I said that I would make some, well they are made and in the mail. hope the group like them.

It was a good way to use up some of the fabric that I have on hand, as I promised myself that I would reduce the amount that I have on hand. I should have started counting the fabric yardage leaving and coming in to see how I am doing with it. I bet if I sit and think a bit I might come up with a number. But how do you count up the fabric amounts that you consider scraps. They seam to multiply in the bins and boxes that they are tossed into. I did start to take out what looked like yardage, but I have a way to go there too. I guess I will be making a few more scrappy quilts this year. Wish me luck. 

I did manage to get the small quilt done and dropped it off with my friend who made it.  She is happy that it is in her hands now sew  she can now get the binding on it and then it will be off before the babe is even here.

It is a beautiful day outside the sun is shining with a bit of cloud cover every now and then. I hope that I was able to get some of that sunshine in the package as our daughter had another dumping of snow on the weekend, mixed with rain and ice.It even took out the power in different places for over a day.

I have started to get myself organized for the Stitches Conference that is the end of the month and first week of June. I will be taking 4 different  classes two technique classes  a class on blue printing with fabric and a quilt finishing class.

  Well it's time to get back to the list of  things to do this Monday .
Sew keep in stitches