Friday, September 30, 2011

October 1 where did you come from

Can we hang on to September just a little longer......
How dose time fly sew fast. As a kid it took forever for our birthdays, Christmas , summer holidays etc. to come and now that we have grown up some they have taken on wings .
Is it that we fill our days to full and can  not get everything done that we thought we should. I guess we will never really know , we just have to deal with it.
But now that October is here there are many things we can plan for. Fall suppers(fowl suppers) in many small communities, Thanksgiving and time spent with our families and of course Halloween. Have you noticed they all have food mixed in with them in one form or another.
One thing is for sure that with the cooler temps of fall we tend to get a littler busier with out quilting as it reminds up that Christmas is only a few months away. You gals that do the Xmas every month group are sew smart. I will have to try that next year.
 Well I am off to the sewing machine my dead line is getting close ... less that a week to get - r - done
in stitches until next time