Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The end is near

It really is near. The end of March, the end of the week as well as the end of winter we hope, and almost the end of Morgans quilt. I am almost done the quilting on this quilt, a few more of the shadows then the background with a filler, probably meandering. And then the boarder. Then it will be on to the next one, soon I should be all caught up with the older quilts and just work one new ones and work up the scrap box. I am amazed how many have come out of there so far.Not to mention the dogie beds that I have filled with the to small scraps and batting scraps. Sew glad to have someone who just loves to get them for her kennel. You do not feel so bad about tossing the fabric and batting out as it still has a purpose. Not doing quite as much this week I have a bit of a sore  back from work.  Maybe a massage tomorrow night will help. Well it is wing night so we will be off to meet up with friends to enjoy some down time.
Keep on stitching 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

sunday .... a day of rest......sort of

Well I did sleep in until 7 and only woke up maybe 3-4 times through the night, sew now I have a bit of energy.( Don't you just hate it when you feel like going back to bed right after you just got up.)
I have started on Morgan's quilt and I am  waiting for a couple phone calls ....... don't you just love it when people forget to call when it was planed .  I had put a friend on hold for this hmmmm  ... sorry Carol. I am also working on the laundry while I am downstairs.
Sew while I wait I have been quilting feathers in the large rectangles in the shadow box quilt almost half done with them then the shadow and next the background and boarder. I will figure out the quilting patterns as I go. I do plan on changing thread colors as I quilt in the different areas of color.
A few people have asked if I would quilt tops for them but I do not feel that I am as good as the long arm quilters and really do not know what I should charge for this service, sew far I have only quilted a couple smaller quilts for two friends.
I popped a chicken in the oven as well as cabbage rolls for super and plan to have dh's mom and Carol and Dave if they stop by to join us.
Well if I do not heard from the one gal soon I think I will enjoy a walk outside in the sunshine.  
 keep on stitching

Friday, March 25, 2011

where did the time go ???

Well it's been over a week and no news. I have been feeling a bit yucky, this cold just dose not want to go away. And it takes most of your energy with it.( not to mention my voice to ) I did get a small quilt pieced and just finished quilting a small baby quilt for a friend but that's been it this week.
Saturday afternoon I'm off to another friends to help her with a binding on a quilt that she has been using. She had a stroke a couple years ago and just has not been able to do it on her own and she had asked for a hand with it. She is a very dear gal and has passed on her love of quilting to her girls.
Sew after helping her and getting a couple other things done I will get to Morgan's quilt I picked up the thread last weekend sew no more excuses. ; }
stay in stitches

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

still learning

Well as you can see I am trying out a different look on my blog. I would like to stretch the pic or add another beside .... so back to the drawing board so to speak.

we enjoyed a lovely day full of sunshine  : )  and puddles and the forecast of snow. well we are hoping not the snow but we know that it will be short lived.
Hubby still under the weather a bit sounds bad but feels okay.  
I did not get any quilting done today, but I did build a birthday gift for the weekend.
I started to make a list of the kits that I have on hand  and with out really looking I came up with 12 ....... I should not have to look hard for something to work on this year. I think I should put them in the suitcase that I was putting the quilt tops in waiting since the tops have been getting caught up only two or three in there and three out and ready .It could be a challenge as I do like to work up the scraps, and get more quilt tops waiting.

That's it for now, time to turn in
keep on stitching

Sunday, March 13, 2011

quilting knows no age limits

Well I did get almost everything on my list done, just Morgan's quilt to do . I have to  decide how I want to quilt it and in what colors.I even have my 9 patch almost done as well and have a friends to quilt as well. Hers is for her great grandson.I had taught her how to do the disappearing 9 patch quilt block as well as her neighbor, sew you guessed it they both have one made, one smaller  for a babe and one to cover a double bed. They where so excited to figure it out and make it their own  They both enjoyed learning a new way to put a block together. I found out that there is no age limit in quilting or sharing ideas as these ladies are 30 - 40 yrs my senior. Earlier this winter I showed the two gals how to do a scrappy block that I found on the Quilter's Cache  a few years back... this is a great site for quilt blocks in a wide range of sizes, I check it out often.
Sure enjoyed a walk out side today sunny and calm and felt like spring is trying to come here to us in good old Saskatchewan. I know it will put a smile on many faces when it gets here.
Hubby is down and out with the flu,just resting a lot this weekend ...hope he feels better soon with out sharing.
I think I will get back to some quilting.
Take care out there
as always keep stitching

Thursday, March 10, 2011

working on my list

Well so far I am doing okay with my list of the week border block quilt is put together the dress is altered and ready for the next fitting and I even fixed a couple zippers. Sew Morgan's quilt will be the next item to tackle. As long as I do not side track myself again I am really good at get more projects started .... keeps the mind interested . Not sure what today will bring they talked of rain and snow maybe 10cm ..... spring is on it's way .... spring is on it's way ....  seams to me if I say it enough will it might be true ????
Curl up with a nice warm quilt.
 Stay in stitches 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A sun full of sun shine

Hello out there . Hope you all had a sunny day today as well, sure dose lift ones spirits when that sun beams down on you. Makes you think spring is really going to try and make it soon.
Well I did get the Boarders quilt top put together but I think it needs one solid boarder just to give your eyes a place to rest. Now just to find the right fabric in my stash to complete it.
I have a few things to fix for a friend, zippers .... no one is crazy about them but they have to get done from time to time.
sew keep stitching

Saturday, March 5, 2011

weekend hmmm.. what to do

So glad that the weekend is here ... boy am I ready for it. I had little time to quilt this week I was just to tired.
Last night I did manage to get the backing pieced for Morgan's quilt and I also have it pin basted next to the machine as soon asI plan a little of what I would like to quilt on it.
 I have also started a small quilt using a pattern tutorial from stash manicure ( end of feb ) it is a stash ( scrap) busting quilt  6 blocks are pieced so far and alternate blocks are cut. We will be going off the the city today with friends.  Checking out the rv show and doing a little shopping @ costco . I have almost finished the novel that I am reading as well as that pair of socks that I have been knitting. Ghee I wounder what I would get done if I only did one thing at a time hmmmm .... I might just get board. Next week I will also be looking at a bridal gown to see if I want to do the alterations ( more like if I think I will have the time to do them ) they do help me take some of the quilting classes that I am looking at in June so I will have to give it some thought.
Well I should go and cut a few more strips before we head off for the day.
Keep in stitches