Sunday, August 30, 2015

stitching stockings

A few stitches here and a few stitches there  and I  have gotten started on the Christmas stockings that I want to get made this year .....

2 down and about 4 to go.... maybe one or two extras I have to do a recount.
There will be a couple for baby's first Christmas.
With stockings this size I try to let Santa know that they do not have to be filled to the top, they just have room for those coloring books and story books and other such treats.
I will be teaching a quilt as you go stocking this fall sew this is a good way to get them made and get a little practice in for the piecing and quilting.
Some will be quilted after they are pieced and others on the go. The next one will have a appliqued center.
Have a great week and remember to stay
in stitches

Thursday, August 27, 2015

newest member of my sewing collection

it came in it's own little travel / storage case

I guess it would be a collection when you have more than just a few machines. I may have to count them soon.
This week I acquired this one .......

A Singer 301A machine ... one of the first to have the slant foot I believe. Sew far it runs nice but
I want to clean it up as well as grease the insides before giving it too much of a work out.

I did some updates with my computer and I am having trouble loading photos sew it might be a bit before I get a bunch to share. There is always something to work our brains and retrain them it
in stitches

Saturday, August 22, 2015

some stitching for me ....

cat tails and grasses
my try at an arrangement 

Well sort of ..... I did get those tote bags made for my daughter and her kindergarten class. I made 21 one for the teacher and 20 for the kids. This worked up 10.5 m of fabric. I used fat quarters ( 18 x 20 inch) to make them up. I had a few given to me by a good friend who thought this was a great way to use up those ones that had no purpose just yet. There was very little wasted off each fat quarter sew this was a great little project.
all boxed up

Then there was a little mending and   a little label ... here is a peek
the little guy on the top of the label
now it is time to work on class samples as well as make a few Christmas stockings .... some are gifts and some will be samples for the class in November.
I will be teaching a few classes this fall with the first one on the 15 of September. It will be an Attic Window class but with a twist. I am sure the students will like how it goes together.

The next class will be a Free Motion Quilting class. We will be learning the basics and working on sample  quilt sandwiches.
This will be followed by the stocking class and then a couple classes with  a appliqued wall hanging
and another quick wall hanging.

I have also been asked to be a part of a blog hop for Halloween ...... that should be a haunting good time.
Sew that's all for now ...... I have missed being in stitches  and sharing with you all.....
enjoy what's left of your weekend
some shy posies
 from my garden
in stitches

Sunday, August 16, 2015

netting done now what??

Well I'm stitching again....... not all for me but that's okay.
I have been working on some netting for a friend. I had to move up stairs to sew as it was sooo big and I really needed the extra room. That's done just to be picked up.
Now I am working on some little totes for my daughter the teacher..... for the kids in the class room. I am using the green bag lady's pattern   Green Bag Lady Bag Pattern   to make them up and using fat quarters to use up some of my stash. Just getting started so a picture will follow soon. I am also getting things ready to teach a few classes this fall.
Hope you all had a great weekend and
in stitches

Monday, August 10, 2015

home again

and back to work.......
I am hoping to get back to my sewing again and when I do I will be sure to share with you.
It has been a busy few weeks here with a family reunion and lots of company and of course back to work as others take some time off too.
So stay in stitches and I will stay in touch
In stitches