Monday, November 28, 2016

A scrappy finish

Well not that long ago I posted the start of this quilt. Sew from the design wall to quilted and bound, here's the finished quilt. It is nice when a quilt comes together.

Close up up the quilting, a little hard to see
But a good place to test out a new pattern

I did try a new to me quilting design, meandering feathers as Anegla Walters shows on her videos. I also used a contrast color on the border to soften the black.
I do like how it turned out .
In stitches

Sunday, November 27, 2016


This weekend I was the lucky recipient of some goodies.
A friend stopped by with a little thank you for giving her a hand.
A cute sweater cup and chocolates

And then my sweet daughter stop by while we were away and left me my first advent calendar........ full of tea.

Looking forward to December 1

Chocolate and tea what more could a quilter ask for.
Now off to do some stitching
In stitches

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Just add buttons

Well I spent a little time at the machine. Stitching in the ditch, ruler work and button holes.
Using the ruler to create a continuous line design.
Inevitably figured out for the Dresden plate block.
                     Just a little marking and a special foot for your machine to use the rulers is all that you need

The design from the backside.

Ready to trim down and put together

Ready for a pillow
Now just the buttons to add.
sew there's my holiday pillow.
In stitches

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Festive Holiday Pillow class

Last night was night number 2 for the pillow class. The ladies did pretty well with their pillows. We did a Dresden plate block as the focus on the pillow. The back was quilted with a button closure. I will finish up my working samples tomorrow, and the ladies have a little work to do to finish up their pillows. A couple are doing others things with their block. One is making a table topper and the other a runner. Here are a few pictures from last night's class. All in Christmas prints.

I missed taking a couple pictures. I am sew proud of what they all were able to get done as this was a first quilting project for a few of them. I also learned that we could have used a third night to get them completely done. It's  sew hard to figure out the time frame needed. I will be on call to the ladies sew that they can get them done.
Thanks for stopping by.....
In stitches

Monday, November 21, 2016

Just stitching away

Well I finally have a picture for you out there in the land of blog. Here is a quilt that I have been working on. I have been using fabrics on hand. 56 blocks and now I am ready to sew them together.
Then add the borders and quilt.
I am also in a couple of Christmas post card swaps the first two cards will be off in the mail in the morning. Those pictures will be posted later.
Soon we all will be rushing around getting baking and shopping done for the holidays as well as a bit of sewing too.
Have a great week and sew something fun.
In stitches

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pumpkin pudding... getting ready for the holidays

Hello dear friends,out there in blog land.
This last while I have been sewing up a storm for a local craft sale. Now with that over I am still making some microwave pot holders. And that should wrap that up for now.
I had some fun this weekend making a steamed pumpkin pudding...... first round 4 quarts second round 10 quarts. All gluten free and they turned out yummy.
I will give a few quarts away for friend with family that are celiac.

We had my mother in law and sister in law out as well and we made butter balls, a breadcrumb ball for noodle soup. After making up the regular one we tried a small batch for me that were gluten free. Oh did I enjoy them.It's been years since I have had them.
 After the butter balls were done we made a batch of fresh egg noodles. It's been a while since I made those but still remember how it's done :-)
After that busy day we turned in early, feeling good about what we had accomplished.

Sorry I didn't get pictures on my camera to share. I hope to share this week some of the sewing I am doing now.
Well that's all for now.
Stay in stitches

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November already!

Wow, can you believe how fast this year is going?
I feel like I hardly get to my blog more than a couple times a month,before the month is done.
 I have different projects on the go and plans of photos and posts and then I get doing something else and another week has gone by.
Well this weekend there is a craft show and sale. I have been sewing and quilting for it for the past few months when I get a chance. I am starting to price things out. I will try and get a photo of the table when I am all set up . I am doing this with my daughter and a good friend. I am sure it will be a great day just getting a visit in with them both. Another good friend is having a table as well so a little table hopping and shopping might be in order.
Hope your having a great week...... stay in stitches