Friday, June 24, 2011

Quilt show

The Quilt Show At the Gallery on Third in Watrous SK,                     Sew grab a ice tea and have a look around and sit for a spell.  If you want a closer look just click on the quilt .
The quilt show is on until July 3 from 1 -4  daily I believe .

quilted puzzle

Paper piecing

Work in progress

Well is seam to be on a roll today. This will be the third blog of the day. The quilt show is  put on by the local arts council featuring a few of the local quilters. This is the first of many quilts shows, I hope.  Sew I hope you enjoyed the show.  I noticed that I missed one of my quilts but I am sure that I got all the other ladies.
sew until a little later or next week
keep in stitches
Hugs Annette

Class samples

aprons for big and little cooks

Summer Daze Tote

Crazy for Candles
I have been having some fun whipping up a few samples for the classes that I will be teaching this fall at Haus of Stitches in Humboldt.  We picked out some fun prints to make them up in. It was strange to come home with fabric and not to have spent a cent. Thanks for the confidence in me to be a teacher for you Wendy.    These are all patterns that I have developed, in hopes to share with other quilters my love of the craft. I hope to have them for sale on the blog at a later time,  or just ask about them and we can see what we can do to get them to you.
in stitches until next time
hugs Annette

Morgan's Grad quilt

Morgan's Grad Quilt
Shadow Box

and on the flip side the quilt label
Well I finally have some pictures of Morgan's quilt. It is quilted with feathers in the blocks and meandering in the sashing as well as the border with threads to match. I am happy with how it turned out and hope that Morgan likes her grad quilt. This is the last of the grad quilts as I had started years ago with my oldest niece Tammy and now  this make 11 quilts in all.  I should have taken photos of them all over the years as I know that the style and materials have changed as well as my skills in quilting. I can picture most of them in my mind and know that they are used and loved.
 Hubby's Mom is off to see Morgan this week sew she will deliver the quilt for us. I hope she will get a picture of Morgan with her quilt, if she dose I will share it with you.
Sew stay in stitches.
hugs Annette

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


 Sew at the moment I have been busy making up samples for a shop that I will be teaching at in the fall.Some are done up in holiday prints and others just for fun. I hope the samples will entice some folks to take the classes when they are offered.  It will be nice to meet a bunch of new to me quilters as the shop is about one hour away, It is in Humboldt SK.( the shop that puts on the conference ).  It is always fun to share what you know with other quilters and learn from each other. 
Sew the classes that I will be teaching will be
Summer Daze Tote
Crazy for Candles ... candle mat
Quilted Post Cards
As I have been making up the samples it has refreshed the pattern in my mind and I have thought of a few tips to add to the patterns, sew that means I will be editing them a bit as I re-type them ( they are on the old hard drive and I am not sure if it will be saved )
I did also manage to get a couple batches of cookies baked for dear hubby, and now I am thinking of going out to pick some of the weeds out of the garden and enjoy the sunshine.
sew  we will chat more later
take care
in stitches
the quilt show is all set up I hope to take my camera to get some shots to share

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quilt labels

 I just wanted to put in a word about labels on our quilts.

 Labels in my opinion are very important as they can give the holder of your quilt a little history behind it.  They can tell who it was made for, why it was made or just who made it. Sometimes they will even have the design and designer info as well.
I have done many different types of labels from just a simple penned on fabric to embroidered as well as computer generated. I have also used the labels that you can buy by the yard at your favorite quilt shop.

I have been working on a  few labels for some of my quilts. One is for Morgan's grad and the others just need to have their info with them so that I do not forget when they were made. A couple of them will be at a local show at the art gallery here in town, sew it also helps them tom make it back home as well. ( the ones I am working on are embroidered with my Brother machine )
Sew it has always been a good idea to do this to give a little history as well as showing others that you are proud of the work that you have created.

If you look around the web you will find labels that can be printed off onto treated fabric.  Make sure that you have the right fabrics treatment for you printer or the printing will just wash off. You may even find ideas on scrap booking pages / sites to suit your quilt to a tee.

Sew I am off to work ( lunch break )
take care
stay in stitches

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

camp site for the summer

well we will be taking the camper out to the camp site after supper tonight if hubby is not to late getting home. Out campsite is about 1 hr away,sew not to far just to do the set up and then we can get it in order this weekend.
We find it nice to be able to go for the weekend in the summer as we both are working and filling in when holidays are being taken.Last summer I went out on my own when hubby had to work It was a nice break just to relax and enjoy nature.
It sounds like there might be a bit of clean up going on at the park as it was flooded in areas earlier this spring, sew we will all make the best of what we have and what we can do to help.
One of the campsite campers is a gal I went to high school with. And another is a family who have moved here from England. There are also a bunch of other friends from town and some that we only see when we are there . Sew I am looking forward to this time at the park to share with them.
I might even take a small sewing machine with me ..... you just never know when you might need it.; )
our camper ... home away from home

well supper is almost done ...Hamburgers spuds and corn on the cob.I have cooked extra potatoes and eggs to make potato salad tomorrow.
sew i am off for now as I feel I am rambling on .
Take care
In stitches

Monday, June 13, 2011

busy weekend in the city

Well I have  had a busy last couple of days. I went to the city to help my mom out a bit, she needed a little help to reorganize some of her things. The days went well and we got a lot done, I think she is happy with how her space looks now. I do plan to go and help her with some more down sizing of some of the other things that she has to go through, some will have to be with the whole family.  I am hopeful that it will all go just as smoothly.  Love ya mom : )
Hubby had a chance to go up north fishing sew I thought this would be a good time to help my mom,which also helps my sister out as well. I was a nice weekend for a drive and the weather was good until I got home,we had a nice little rain storm go through.
Today was a down time day for me a meeting and some laundry ,even hung it out to dry. and then just doing a few odds and ends and visited a couple friends as well.Sew it was a day well spent.
I might even do a little beading tonight and make the quilt labels in the morning sew that I can have Morgan's quilt ready and one for a quilt show here in town.
Sew I bid you all a good night well I go off to stitch for a little bit in the cool of the evening
in stitches

Friday, June 10, 2011

Blue printing definition

I had a good comment on my blog about looking up blueprinting . Sew I thought I would give a little bit of info on this .
The scientific name for it is Cyanotype
the fabric  or paper  is treated with a mixture of two chemicals which make it light sensitive. After exposure to light , sunlight works the best, it changes color from a light green to a dark muddy blue,s color. You rinse it  in cool water which sets the color and you will see it change to a brighter blue. It is a still sensitive to phosphates ie. soaps so it can only be washed in water.
Star fish Quilt close up
beading in progress

Sew I hope this helps to explain blue printing a little better
there is also a site that you can order the treated fabric from called....
sew until a little later
take care

Blueprinting Quilts

The last class the I took last week was the one where we learned how to do the blueprinting on fabric and paper. One of the things that help the project work best is good old sunshine. And of course it was cloudy this day with only a few breaks of sunshine. Sew when the sun shine it only take about 10 minutes to have the fabric change color and when it is cloudy it can take up to 30 minutes and sometimes a little longer. You do have to be careful that nothing gets in the way of what you have laid out for you print, not even a thread from the fabric you are using as the will all cast a small shadow and block the light leaving a nice white surprise. Jackie Van Fossen was the instructor for this class I have taken her classes before and I have enjoyed learning from her. She gets you to think outside of what you are comfortable doing.
The following pics are from this class, I only have one of my pieces in the pics ( the star fish ). I did get several prints made and will share them as i work on them. I also will share the star fish after I get some more beading done.
sew without further a due here they are......
 auditioning border fabrics

picking out borders above and hard at work following
                                      here are a couple gals that where      working   next to me

Jackie VanFossen

getting closer to done ... borders on and time to show them off a little.   it is amazing what you can do even with weeds

I had a great time learning this technique and sharing ideas with a bunch a great ladies.  You get to know the ladies a little better when you are blueprinting on a cloudy day ...... with that half hour visit while holding your print safe. 
Sew until next time keep in stitches

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Homework / Housework

Now that the Conference is over there is some home work to do to finish the projects started. I had my dear sweet hubby pick up some beads so that I could get started on my blueprinting project with the starfish.
Housework will always be here sew I will get at it in between stitches.

Letters to my beloved

Pony express Sampler
 I will load a few pics of Jodi Barrows, she gave a lecture last week and a trunk show as well. As I said before she is in her element here ..... she was looking forward to her sock knitting class...
and then here's a pic of the two of us
Jodi and I in front of pineapple picnic

Well that's it for now . I will load the blueprinting tomorrow
sew keep in stitches and check out Jodi's site Square in a Square and her video blogs

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Home again

Well I made it home all safe and sound and full of ideas.
The classes where all very enjoyable and taught you a few different ways to do piecing and designing. I enjoyed the blue printing class very much and have already used some of the extra fabric to create a few smaller art quilts. I may use at least one  for an auction that we will have here in town to help with the new addition to the hospital. I also want to make a quilt with Virginia Walton's design for and uneven star.
I have used a few ideas from each class already and passed some on to others.  It is nice to share your knowledge and creative energy with those around you. Just in the way one looks at a pattern or technique and then the way some one else might do the some thing just a wee bit different makes you say oh ... why did I not think of that.
I will up load a few more pictures later this week a bit of laundry and cleaning before a friend comes to spend a couple days on her way back to the cottage . Next year we plan on taking a bra class together now that she has the first one under her belt. I think I will take more art quilt classes I seam to have a lot of fun at them.
sew until next time keep  on stitching

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stitcher's Confrence

Hello out there.
I am at the campsite just having finished my third class. Last Sat. and Sun. I had classes with Virginia Walton using her rulers. The first class was a curved ruler class called Serpentine twist ( finished now , this will be the center of a bed quilt for our bed ) the second one was called Wedge frenzy that is also finished but I want to make it three time more to make a larger quilt. Today's class was on different types of binding ...sewn mitered corners plain, pipping and scallops,   reversible with grouting etc. made a number of samples This class was with Liz Thompson the rep for Elna.
Some of the other things that we took in this week included a presentation with Jodi Barrows last night and machine demos I. have a few pictures of some the the teachers and teachers here as students to share

Brenda getting a little help
Jodi Barrows working at her first knitting project... feeling a little out of her element, but more that willing to give it a try. She even signed up for a knitted sock class. I have to up load a few pics from last night where she definitely is in her element
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First class with Virginia
Here Marci Baker and Virgina Walton stopped of a pic while having a chat and comparing each others rulers and techniques .  Seeing that each work well and in different ways. 
The view from the top floor at the Abbey from the glass elevator

The first Sat. their was a banquet with the Breast of friends and all the cook books that they have raised over 2 million dollars for breast/ and other cancer. 
Well I could go on for a bit yet but I should go and get a bite to eat and who know maybe a little quilting or just a campfire.
Sew keep on a stitching I know I will