Friday, December 13, 2013

only 2 weeks until Christmas ( a little less now )

special little wall hangings from a dear friend

and all through the house.....
there are baking supplies waiting to be mixed
and fabrics to quilt....oh my.
Some packages ready to mail and cards to write.
 I think it has been busy in your house too
Hear are a few of the goodies I have whipped up this season.
A little tree skirt  the first one I made that I kept for our home

the spiderweb quilt top ready to baste

and working on a quilt to donate with a friend
it's a D4P   aka disappearing  4 patch
we just love how it is turning out. All blocks made last night sew when we get together we will put the quilt top together
 Other than that i have baked a few goodies and have even made g-free butter tarts and they are pretty yummy.
Hope you holiday baking and sewing is going well.
take care
in stitches