Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Dance ....... piecing done!

Jewels of the Night

I have the challenge quilt all pieced borders finished and now just the quilting to do. It sure takes time to decide what you want in different places on the quilt when you are designing. After changing my mind a couple times I went back to my  original thought and I am happy with it. It id different from any thing I had done before but I feel it works here.
Here is a peek at the border. I will revel the whole quilt in April after the deadline for enters and the quilting will be done then as well.

Sew now that I have met that challenge to myself to have the top pieced by the end of the month. I can do a couple other jobs that I have on the back burner . This is a quilt that I am fmq for a friend. The pattern is Yellow Brick Road. She wanted a meander stitch across the top, I should have it done some time today.

Then I will start to plan what I want to quilt on the Challenge quilt.
In stitches

Sunday, January 29, 2012

All together

Well I have the challenge quilt all together just have to decide what I want on the last border. I think some applique. It is just over 90 inches square in size. Have the backing picked out just have to piece it. might have to do that while I am thinking over a couple ides. No picture just yet I will post one after the cut off date of April 15.
I guess I might have to find another project to do when I get this one complete. I do no think that will be to hard if I just try to finish a few that are started and work on the ones promised this year.
Off to stitch
   take care

In stitches

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Off to Humboldt

This afternoon a friend and i went off to Humboldt to check out Haus of Stitches One of our favorite quilt shops.
There we found a few pieces of fabric to help finish off a project or two. I did find these for myself. The bottom three are to finish off my challenge quilt and one to make a Christmas item for next year.

At the Haus of Stitches we found that the conference schedule are ready. Wendy had given each of us a few. one to study and a few to share.

Sew now I will mark my calendar and start to pick a class or three. I will have to call another friend as we had talked about doing some together this year. I am looking forward to it already.
We where also told that the challenge projects are starting to come in. Way to go you early birds!
 Oh to be that organized.

Sew that was the fun part of my day today. Tonight I hope to finish the one border that I am working on and maybe get a start on the last border....... I just might make that dead line that I set for myself.
Take care
in stitches

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Great quilts Ladies

The class went very well the students all get gold stars.
They turned out some nice work either a runner or a quit  and some both or doubled up on what they made first.
Sew with out further a due here is a class photo and a few of them hard at work.
9 Patch with a Twist 

Well that is most of the gals at work. They all loved to see the different color choices and amount of color used. The look with using only 3 or 4 fabrics changes the quilt sew much. A few made an extra quilt after seeing the possibilities.
Sew once again Great job.I hope you continue to play with the block to see what else you can come up with.

In stitches

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday

Well not to much to show just a little of the border that I am working on. Two sections down and only 38 to go as well as the corner units. I have given myself a goal date for the end of the month to have the challenge quilt top finished. I just might make it. It all depends on if I keep changing the last border. I think I will try to keep it simple and add only a few details to add to the over all quilt. I will unveil the complete top in April after the dead line has past. I have really enjoyed working on this quilt. It has made me step out of my comfort space and explore and play. I have learned more about my EQ7 program, and I am sure I will learn more as I continue to play with my fabrics.

Tonight is the second part of the D9P class. the ladies should get the tops all ready to quilt and may even try to machine or hand quilt in class. The next set of D9P classes have been set for Feb 8 & 15. I know space is limited sew we will have no more than 8 in the class. I think we are almost half way there.
I learn a little more each time that I teach from the students. And I get a little more comfortable teaching as well. This is also outside my comfort zone ...... but to grow I think you have to at least try.
Sew now I am off to make a couple samples for the class for quilting and binding.
Have a great day ( the sun is shining and the snow is a melting)
Check out my side bar for the link to The Needle and Thread Network to see what the other Canadian Gals have been up to.
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Monday, January 23, 2012

seeing stars

Working on the stars for my quilt.
Almost done only a few more to build, then it will be off to the next round.
I decided to add a extra border from when I started. I guess that's the nice thing about designing ..... you can change it up and that's okay.
I am looking forward to seeing what it looks like with these next two rounds on.
Well I'm off to finish up
In stitches

Saturday, January 21, 2012

warming up

-15 when I looked at the temp this morning.... much nicer that -30+ which it was all week. It will seam like spring out there...... such a crazy winter this year with blizzards then melting and rain and then the deep freeze sew I think it looks like it might be back to normal seasonal temps for a while.

The first part of the D9P class went well. I had 9 ladies taking it for my first class and sew far we have 3 signed up for the second class which will run on the 1st and 8th of February. The ladies did sew well that most if  not all of them will be able to start quilting at class if they chose to do sew.

adding borders

Here are a few samples of their color and layout choices. Some used only 3 or 4 fabrics others a charm pack or they made up their own combination a 9 fabrics. Each choice is sew different from the next all with great results. Great work ladies, I'm very proud of what each of you have done sew far.( I did not get a pic of each one just yet , hopefully next week)

As for myself I will work on my samples a little more and get a sample for an intro to free motion quilting for the class. I hope to work on my challenge quilt again this week end as well as getting a little housework done.... where do those dust bunnies come from?????

This afternoon I will be helping a friend baste a quilt. with a  couple other ladies. She said it is a large one and would love the help. She had a good friend piece the quilt for her and can hardly wait to start to do the hand quilting which she loves. She had decided last year that she could no longer do the piecing but still wanted to quilt. Sound like she found a solution.

In stitches until next time

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

W. I. P. Wedensday Jan18

Well today my w i p is to get a few other ladies to have their own w i p's.
class samples

class demos
 prepped and ready to go

I will be teaching a class for our Community College here in town. We will be doing what I have called a 9 Patch with a Twist a k a Disappearing 9 Patch. I have made this one for a few years and have enjoyed it and the ease of making it. Sew when I was asked if I could teach a beginner class this is the one I thought of. I have my own directions but have also included some from Rachel at www.psiquilt.com. She did grant me permission to use it in my hand out for the class and I will have a sample made from it there. Quilters are the best .... thanks Rachel.

 Rachel is a busy mom with a lot on the go, but she finds time to quilt , design and share with us. I did participate in quilt along that she had in ......2010 or was it 2009..... the Pinwheel quilt along. I doubled mine up and still want to add some side borders just to make it a little wider.
Pinwheel quilt along in progress

Remember to link up and check out the what the others have been up to at The Needle and Thread Network
Take care out there.... today it is freezing out there -30 before any windchill
In stitches and a warm quilt

Monday, January 16, 2012


While working on my challenge quilt I seam to be finding out what a challenge project is all about. I 'm I giving myself too many choices for color and fabrics or not enough? And what about design ideas, finished size and sew on. At times I think I am over thinking the choices and when I just get at it I am liking what I am seeing and some times I have to cut a few different pieces because the one I thought would work just does not do it for me. It takes a little more time than I thought time that I thought I would be sewing but it is time well spent. I am happy with the work sew far and will continue to make the challenge project grow a little more. I do think I am running out of a fabric I will have to call and see if they can save me a piece. My personal goal is to have the piecing done by the end of the month.   Wish me luck. Sew it is onward with the challenge.
We'll see how this goes I just may have to do this again.
Here's a sneak peek
Sew that's all for now
In stitches

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New fav tool / W I P Wednesday

This is a new little tool that I found in my stocking this Christmas. My hubby had a little to do with it
 I call it  a Hubby toe and foot saver the red neck version
It's a telescoping magnetic wand ...... with a light ..... he was not able to find the batteries sew he bought a small flash light and got out the duct tape....... gotta love that duct tape and all it's uses.  Hubby sure hopes that it replaces his feet as my main pin catchers/finders.
Sew now it is hanging from the  ceilling down stairs on the frame work sew that it is handy ( my sons idea). I just know that magnets and computerized sewing machines do not mix. Sew if you happen to have a red neck hubby toe and foot saver keep it away from your machine.

We were away last weekend sew not much in the sewing/quilting front has been done. I have started on my challenge quilt and picked up a little more fabric to work with it. I have been using my EQ7 to design my quilt and have been working through some of the lessons with Sheila.
 I will post just a peek of what I have done sew far.

I just heard today that the class that I offered to teach will be a go for the next two weeks. I should be alot of fun seeing what the ladies create. With thier permission I will post some the the pictures as the work on thier projects.

Be sure to check out the link on the side bar for The Needle and Thread Network.

I hope to get a couple quilt lables stitched out this week and put on baby quilts that I made last year for gifts.

Well thats all for now ,
stay in stitches

Friday, January 6, 2012

A busy start to the new year

It's been a busy week , working and trying to get started on my challenge quilt for the stitches conference., as well as starting the FMQ challenge.
Well I did get started on the quilt and changed my mind once on it already.
 I have the FMQ posted, I know I posted early, and know I will practice it through the month and then add it to my sampler quilt. I think I will post a little later next month after I practice and make a pretty sample , which is what the intent was on the host blog. I am glad sew many have already posted and popped over to check my quilt out. It will be fun seeing what everyone is doing and how much they improve.
I have also been working on my EQ7 working through the lessons with Sheila and designing my quilt for the challenge. Sheila and I thought it would be good to work through the lessons at the same time just to keep on track and get it done. And it is always great when you bounce ideas off a friend. A home work buddy sew to speak.
The weather here has been very spring like water running down the street and winds that make you think you should be out flying a kite. We also had some lines cut in the area sew we with out phone/Internet etc. for a day .... it was after 10 pm when the lines where fixed. That makes it twice in only a matter of about 6 weeks.
Take care
In stitches

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 FMQ Challenge

Has started  The 1st post was up yesterday. (Link on my side bar)
Video instruction on how to stitch out  a nice leaf pattern.
 step one practice drawing what you are going
to stitch

I feel this challenge is a good way to get more skills developed in my free motion quilting.
2 step practice stitching it out
I would like to feel more comfortable using a variety of designs in my quilting , right now I  seam to only use a few that I feel very comfy with.Sort of stuck in a rut. Sew as they say it's time to step outside of my box and explore what is out there ..... at least stitch wise. And learning with all of you out there and with a variety of teaches will be great. And not to forget there will be give aways , I think each month.         
                  What's not to like.
             I have put the sampler together  with only the border to add.
a scrappy sampler to practice on
might have to make a nicer one later

It's never to late to join up .Pop over to sewcalgal to join in the fun .

In stitches