Thursday, February 17, 2011

more snow

 you should see the fresh blanket of snow out side. we have been having a good number of nice days out there and then bamm you get more snow. sure looks pretty but you no longer know where the ice is hiding. not as much as some other areas here in SK but enough . sure hope we do not have the same water troubles this spring
finished a toddler size quilt just the binding and a label to do, 2 small boarders to quilt on a lap size quilt. i fell that i am making some head way at getting past projects complete as well as a few new ones.  maybe one day i will only have one project going at a time ........... not maybe 2 or 3 just to keep it interesting.
i am trying to get over another cold and a sore shoulder so i will take it slow and look after the shoulder.
in stitches

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