Thursday, December 6, 2012


Well the quilt is still on the wall but the number of blocks are growing I know have 60 blocks made and want to make another 60 and then see where it takes the quilt for the finished size . I know that I want it bigger than the pattern. I know that I would like it to have a few more rows in both directions and then I will frame it up in black and then a print border. Sew I know I will be busy as I still plan on having the top built before Christmas. A little here and there and I know it will get done.
I do have the next strip sets all cut and ready to organize and sew. Sew that will be today's step.

We made some fresh sausage yesterday and used up the last of last years deer meat. It's always nice to have sausage on hand for a quick meal. Sew far the deer have been safe from our guys, only 2 days left in the season. We also had a good snowfall again yesterday sew there is a lot of fresh snow covering the fields that they will be hunting in. We definitely have a lot of snow so far this winter. The kids should be happy as it will be perfect to go tobogganing, or snowshoeing, and snowman building.

I'm to late to link up with The Needle and Thread Network but I thought I would share.
Be sure to check out Sew WE Quilt aka Stash Manicure ..... this months feature is Books for Women  by Women. There has been some great reviews sew far , some great books to get us all thinking, about ourselves and others.
That's all for now
Hope you are having a great week, remember to take some time for your selves okay.
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  1. Those 3D blocks look amazing. Quite a large project. The snow looks pretty deep.

  2. Are those blocks as complicated as they look ? They are gorgeous , love your choice of colors .Lots of snow for sure , and yes the children will love it ! Enjoy your day. hugs

  3. That will be one awesome quilt! Lots of work, but there are times when it is nice to just plug away......