Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New to me product and a little more to start the new year

I had been looking for the colors absorbing sheets and found some through A GREAT NOTION( a Canadian store with an online store as well). I am sure some other quilting shops are handling this product as well. if not just ask and they might be able to get it in for you.

I tested them out with a fabric I new bleed when my daughter washed a runner I made her in the past. You just toss it in the wash with the fabric and see what happens.The fabric came out perfect and the sheet was red.
kept the fabric bright and
no running colors
I will be including a sheet with a couple of the baby quilts that I made for my daughter . Just to keep the colors fresh.

I also have a finish to share. A good friend of mine Carrie, and I have been working on a quilt to donate to a charity. We used a D4P, disappearing 4 patch, found in   Quickly Quilting    magazine and also can be found on the Missouri Star Quilt Shop videos.
One of the recommendations is that the quilt is backed with flannel,boy oh boy dose that make it cozy.
our first giving quilt

Thank you Carrie for letting me help you with this quilt and I can hardly wait to see what we will make next for this group. A great way to start the new year with a giving quilt.
I will share more about the group at a later date.
I also almost have a new pair of socks made ...
just the last half to do.......

In stitches
it is so cold out there that the cold is trying to come in
I am linking up with The Needle And Thread Network can not link up today , it must have closed up early but still stop in and checkout what the others have been up to.
in stitches


  1. I have heard of these products to capture the color , sounds like a good thing to have around . Oh my what a great quilt which will keep some very cosy on these cold nights , great job by you and Carrie . Now that is cold when it creeps inside , try to stay warm . Wish you are closer to teach me how to make socks ;-)

  2. there is a similar product here.. but it is expensive and so far i havent tried it... worth it for a large project....
    gosh it is cold there... we are the opposite but have heard about the unusual cold you are getting... all the best for 2014 to you... it's been lovely getting to know you more this last year...

  3. I use a similar product and love the results. No more ruined quilts from the dye running! Is that snow coming in under the door? Wow!