Wednesday, February 19, 2014

W.I.P.'s for Wednesday

Well I am sure glad that I enjoy quilting .... an indoor sport or sorts, as we have a winter that just does not want to quit.
For this week I have one finish

and one almost done.
just the binding to do ....

and a few more on the go.
 I just signed up for Quilt on a Stick blog hop for the end of March over on Sew We Quilt aka Stash Manicure.Sew I am sure I will have a few more works in progress over the next little while.
I will be linking up with The Needle and Thread Network
in stitches


  1. Lovely quilt Annette , looks like spring :-)

  2. Great quilts, and I agree with your remark about winter and quilting... ;-)