Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring.... I think it has sprung

I think spring has finally arrived. At least s few days with out any moisture of any kind. I was able to hang out the wash the other day .... nothing like that fresh smell of laundry that has hung in the sunshine. I had to remake my clothespin holder.

I did manage to get a little sewing done. I finished one quilt top from last years stitches conference This one I was designing the boarder and had to remember what  I was doing and how I was cutting my strips. The one thing I should have remembered first was which ruler I was using.. lol , Sew many rulers and sew many different techniques

Next I got a start on another quilt for Victoria's quilts.To me it is looking like a rock climbing wall, sew I might call it Rock Climbing.
I just have to figure out some boarders ...... might be a shopping trip..... aw shucks ;0)      Any suggestions???
close up of the blocks
  Well that' all for now, I want to go for a walk and some of that fresh air.
                 Take care and stay
                                  In stitches


  1. good to hear the weather is improving... it seems your winter has gone on for ages.... I love the effect of the rock climbing quilt...

  2. Great quilts Annette , like the name for the quilt too , seems perfect . Have fun finishing them :-)

  3. looks like you are "springing" into action LOL
    I like how creative you are with your borders. By the time I get to that point I am usually bored with the quilt I am working on and just add a plain border.

  4. Stopping by during sewmamasew's giveaway hop. Came via Jan at sewandsowfarm blog - she says hi! and so do I!