Sunday, November 2, 2014

some of the last sings of fall

it seems that fall is almost over as the cooler---- colder temperatures are some and snow is in the air. We had some sleet in the air here today .
I did received a beautiful sign of fall in the mail this week Sheila surprised me with one of her wonderful post cards........ the blueberry fields around her area . Sheila had organized a Fall swap and is in the works on a Christmas post card swap.

As October came to a close we were ready for the trick or treaters to come to our door. Not as many this year, it must have been to cold and windy for some of the little kiddies.

these little guys where hanging out just watching for the kids.
As the kiddies did come knocking on the door I was working on a baby quilt, and to my surprise  I did get the top put together that night and I now have it quilted pictures to come later this week.

Here is one of my finishes of this past week. I had to look for bean bag stuffing to finish the larger floor cushion ..... here is the pair of them

this can be a messy job but I did manage to keep it under control .... 
the static was crazy
I am hoping to see a few more signs of fall over the next few weeks ..... I hope
I am not ready for the fluffy stuff just yet.

Have a great week and stay 
in stitches 


  1. cute bean bags Annette.....the weather air has changed here! Merrill drove to Chipman early this morning....working out of town....roads were covered in slushy snow!!!!

  2. Great job on the cushions, I love that mini quilt with the kid upside down in the leaves. Ha ha

  3. Glad you like the postcard Annette . Your bean bags are wonderful , bright and cheerful . I have to say I have never seen bean bag stuffing .

  4. Annette, Where did you get your bean bag stuffing? Was it terribly expensive? THanks

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