Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sasskatchewan Stitches Conference 2015

Well it has begun .... that busy time over in Munster Sk at the abbey.
sew many stitchers in one place over May 28 to June 7 this year sewers quilters and knittersand do not forget the spinners and hookers..... rug hookers.
Our first night was to listen to a speaker on colors and knitting. The speaker was Brandon Mably from the London Studio where he works with Kaffe Fassett. Very interesting to listen to and afterwards you wished you had signed up for one of his classes as well...... those who did get in where very pleased with all they learned whether it was the knitting class or the quilt class.
 I took a class with a good friend this year, it was called the Brava Bag with Dianne Jannson. I was not sure that I needed another bag and then looked at my purse a while back and thought it is looking ready to retire so why not make one. And sew we did we both got our bags done and are using them already.
What do you think.
2 color choices and 2 very different looks

showing the back pocket

Today , Sunday is our day off. Sew with that we sewed. Susan finished her bag in the morning and I made this little dress.
a little doll dress

In the afternoon we started on some bras ...... that will be our class on Monday..... Bra Design changes.
This year I have only signed up for the 2 classes and I will surly miss the ladies when I go home after class tomorrow. One of my favorite teachers and a friend as well has headed back already. We did get a chance to chat a little but would have loved to have had the chance to catch up a little more. I will have to write or even give her a call and not wait until next year.
Last night the speaker was Liz from Janome , telling us of some the new machines. Tonight it was Dianne Jannson on quilting and Ron Collins on clothing construction and pattern choices.
It is great to get to met the teachers and find out what they are up to and make choices for next year.
Time to turn in as the alarm clock is set sew that we are not late for class.
Stay in stitches and I will tell more later

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  1. Hi Annette
    I was not aware of this happening at Munster. Been there a few times on retreats,but not sewing retreats which I dearly love. Is this a yearly event? I'm 2 hours away to the North.