Monday, March 20, 2017

Oops I did it again

I started something new out of the scrap basket ......
Cutting strips , sewing into blocks and now I think I am about half way to a new quilt top.

Scrap strips in my little basket

Now to decide 4 or 8 large pieced block yet to make

I know I should finish all the past projects ,but this one only started with test block on Friday before we left for the weekend....... and it grew some.

Well I think I should go have a look and try to organize my works in progress. Wish me luck.
Have a great week. I hope you get to enjoy some spring weather.
In stitches


  1. Well done Annette, that is would empty your scrap basket!!

  2. What a great way to work on your scrap basket... I keep meaning to learn that block - it is so effective

  3. That's a great oops , such as neat way to use those scraps , I love it !