Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Holding On......

Holding On ......
theme "Opposites Attract"
round 3 of McCall's QDS 2012

Well the time has come for the Voting to start on the final round of the Quilt Design Star 2012
Our theme was "Opposites Attract", I chose young and old, I found a wonderful photo on line of a great grandmother with her great granddaughters hands. It was a challenge working on the hands but I learned along the way and I am very happy with my end results. I have also used the Log Cabin block in both a traditional setting with the red centers for the hearth ( heart) of our home in darker colors and then off centered and uneven in brights to have yet another set of opposites.
Welcome to my blog to the readers of the Watrous Manitou ( our local paper)
I have the voting link on the side bar to make it easy to find the page. Once there you could bookmark it if you like to have a shorter way to get to the page, or you could cut and copy the voting widget that they have on the bottom of the page.
Thank you all for your support in my quilt designing in this challenge. I have had a great year of learning as well as designing. It has been a wonderful journey that I will continue to take and share along the way. I would also like to say Thank you to McCall's Quilting for the opportunity and let you know that they will be hosting this challenge again next year....... sew if you quilt and love to design this could be for you too!   You'll never know until you try.
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  1. great job Annette! This was a difficult challenge to portray in fabric! good luck! I have the page bookmarked and will vote every day! :)