Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday

It's been a while .... a long while scince I posted a tidbit. This one is for cleaning your Iron.
Last week while doing some fusible applique I happened to get some sticky on the iron. Just a bit but it was enough to make a mess of a project. I remembered about using a used dryer softener sheet to clean the tip of a hot glue gun and thought, why not.  It might just work for a hot iron with fusible web.
And it did. It took off allof black( burnt glue ) and any sticky residue and even shine up the sole plate of the iron.
all clean and ready to go again

I also received a package in the mail today form Angie from morgaine77.blogspot.com
she sent out a few fat quarters , a neat little seam ripper and tweezer and a fabric fairy magnet( I knew she was real just like the quilting fairy .... I found 3 new quilt batts on my door step once,)
Thanks Angie

We are down to the last week of the McCall's Quilting Quilt Design Star 2012. Your votes will be counted until Sunday the 21 and the winner will be anounced on the 23.
Thank you to all how have voted once or daily. It has been a great experience and has helped me design a few more quilts. and the desire to do more. Next week in my Wicked post I will have one that I am thinking of doing a pattern for. I am taking little steps but I am going forward to see what I can do. Sew thank you for your support in my quilting.

Sew until next time happy stitching
in stitches


  1. p.s.....thanks for the iron cleaning tip..need to remember that one!

  2. Thanks for the great tip , I actually need to use that one right now ;-) I am still voting too :-)