Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring - post card and a little cleaning

To start my post I would like to share my post card from Lin in France....sure looks like Spring to me, just love how she printed this post card with a daffodils..... thanks Lin

I saw a few of the blocks made by Sheila for the Aurifil BOM and thought why not make a few too. Sew here is the first one I have made.

Next it was time to clean up some left over batting and scrap fabric wee bits and pieces ....... they get stuffed into puppy pillows.....

a friend of mine has a kennel and love to use these as is or stuffed into the pillow cases she has for her Newfie's. That's my little bit of spring cleaning ;0)
Nothing is wasted if I can help it.
I finished up my last flag for the hop.
That's about it for now. Have a great week and check out the hop to see some fun flags .... today's were great fun.
in stitches


  1. What a lovely postcard. The first sightings of spring around here are the daffodils. Also love the idea of the puppy pillows. What are the basic dimensions if you don't mind. Over the nest year I will be thoroughly cleaning out my quilt room for our move into retirement and I am sure there is plenty of batting scraps stashed in bags in hiding.

  2. Great postcard from Lin ! Your Aurifil block looks great too and Terrific idea to use up your scraps for dog pillows , I like to do that too but they don't make it past Luke ;-)

  3. Spring - so glad to see it! What a great postcard - I know you'll treasure it. And what a wonderful way to use up leftover scraps. I bet our local animal shelter would like those. blessings, marlene

  4. What a great postcard from Lin! She does nice work. That's a great idea to use your batting scraps like that. I have bags of them in a closet and now I'm inspired.