Friday, April 25, 2014

sew much mositure

and in its many forms .... well at least 2 snow and rain. Last weekend we had some very heavy snow .... a ton of moisture in that stuff. It was very heavy when I was shoveling it at work last Saturday. And then this week a lot of rain to help wash off some of winter dirt.
The birds are coming back and I have seen one lonely Robin sew spring must be here now.
I have not done much on the sewing or quilting front, we did plan out a couple of quilts for Victoria Quilts Canada. We will be using some panels for the base of one quilt and then do a stack and whack with some other fabrics. These quilts will be a little more masculine in color and design.
 Well that's about all for now...... stay in stitches


  1. Wow! Still getting snow. We have only just started to get some cooler weather and it is nearly winter! Stack and whack sounds like fun. The process makes such interesting blocks.

  2. Aren't the robins the most wonderful sight this time of year, well this year especially? I wanted to give the first one I saw a hug.

  3. what do you teach Annette?? Piecing, quilting? It must be interesting

  4. More snow? I bet you were glad to have the rain for a change. It's so neat to see the first robins hopping around the yard each spring.