Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring time Post cards

Well I am a little slow at getting these posted as Judy and Lin have had them for a while. My post card from Judy arrived last week and is a beautiful poise, I just needed to have a photo shoot with it and here it is in all it's glory

I was a lucky gal to be trading with two ladies and receiving such nice cards thank you both they are brightening up  my wintery spring.
and another peak at Lin's
Thanks to Sheila as well for organizing the swap. It is always fun to receive these in the mail and see the  different styles of creative postcards that are created out there. And of course it gives us play time and we all need a little of that.
in stitches until next time


  1. What beautiful post cards. They are a wonderful way to show off lots of creativity.

  2. Thank you Annette - I love my card! xx

  3. Wonderful postcards by each of you , so many creative spring cards!! Thanks for participating my friend :-)

  4. Thank you Annette, it was really fun to swap with you! I have your card where I can see it in my studio :-)
    Have a great weekend,