Sunday, June 8, 2014

Surprises and making a gelli plate / plates

What a surprise when Elaine called Friday night to say that I had won a prized for one of my blocks that I had in the block challenge for this years Saskatchewan's Stitches Conference.
For the challenge we were given a fat quarter of the challenge fabric and asked to make a 10 1/2 in unfinished block and these blocks will be used in making some charity quilts for the Prairie Women on Snowmobiles.
  Here are the blocks that I have made for this challenge .......

Thank you Haus of Stitches and the Sask. Stitches Conference for the lovely gift. I can see more play time ahead with these goodies.

And now for a little play time...... of a different sort.... I was wanting to try a larger gelli plate and found that they are hard ti find locally sew what's a girl to do.... I started looking on line and found a couple recipes for making a permanent  gelli plate. The ingredients are simple and found almost anywhere.  I tried out a couple of them and this is what I ended up with....
a round gelli plate about 3/4 inch thick

one of my new gelli plates
8 x 11 inches

I did find some useful tips in the info I had read and watched..... using simple tissue paper to clean up the wet surface of the plate before it sets works wonderfully.
before .... with foam and bubbles

After ... nice and clean

Sew now there will be a little more play time coming and creating some one of a kind fabric samples :0)
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  1. Interesting blocks , congrats on winning for your blocks ! I will have to check into this gelli printing , it sounds like fun :-)