Monday, June 23, 2014

time in limbo ....over

That is how I feel about the last 6 weeks. I have been on jury selection and while you are on everything else is on hold or in limbo.
It is an interesting process to go through and one we all could get called to do.
 I was almost part of a jury for one of the trails that I had attended selection for, but one of the lawyers declined / challenged me, so I was told by the judge that  I was free to go but to come back for the next trial. ( each lawyer is allowed x-# of challenges during the selection)
Now I can get back to a little sewing and gardening and maybe just maybe some summer :0)
And of course taking a few pictures to share with you on my blog.
Sew I am off to see what I can sew up and do a little laundry at the same time.
stay in stitches

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