Tuesday, July 1, 2014

soggy weekend

Well here in the prairies it has been just wet .... real wet and not just here in good old Saskatchewan, it has carried over into Manitoba. With too much water flooding  happens, water over the roads and roads washing away.

 We left our campsite a littler early to head for home when we heard some reports of roads being closed.  With hubby being a retired highway guy we checked out the highway with in a few miles of our turn off. First we came across water crossing the grid road and then within a 10 km stretch there were 9 places that the water had or was still crossing the highway. A few hours later the road gave way to the rushing water near Imperial. We will give things a few days to settle and then see if we will be able to get back to the campsite. We do have friends still there enjoying Canada Day.
As far as I know in our area everyone is safe and dealing with the water issues. I hope and pray the communities dealing with this disaster from the heavy rains remain safe as well. There will be a lot of clean up and rebuilding a head of them, I am sure.
On  the bright side we have had a wonderful Canada Day with lots of sunshine to start to dry up a little bit of the moisture.
Happy Canada Day
This is my post card from Beth

In stitches


  1. Oh my that is a lot of water , I pray there will not be too much damage . Great postcard for Canada day ! Stay dry :-)

  2. Loads of water moving around... stay safe....