Thursday, July 24, 2014

A little fun in the sun and then back to normal

Sorry I have been a little slack at my posts.
catch of the day ...
and supper :-)

 I have had a few days off and we went camping and fishing. The  fishing was great and fresh fish for supper was mmm  mmm good. I had even spied a set of eyes watching as we went back to the campsite.
a moose on the loose

I did a little quilting and got another quilt finished for Victoria's Quilts. They are all washed and ready to be added to the bunch we are quilting up to send off.

not sure what this pattern is called ,
 but I would call it spinning spools
close up of the quilting
It has warmed up and feel s like summer and tonight we are having a bit of a storm the first one since my last post.

with the extra moisture come changing leave
 and fungus on trees

The gardens will sure enjoy the fresh drink, I am hoping no hail with the storm.It has been nice to enjoy a few of the gardens goodies in some nice salads.

I have also started on a few blocks for a BOM from Periwinkle in Saskatoon. I am hoping to have them made by the end of August. It should be a nice quilt in taupe's  & grey's. 29 blocks in all. (pics coming soon)

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all are enjoying your summer.
Stay in stitches


  1. I love that quilt Annette - the block looks simple but is very very effective. Great moose picture. xx

  2. lovely to have had a bit of a break... nothing like fresh fish and I do like your spinning spools!

  3. Nice fish Annette!!! I love that quilt and your machine quilting is wonderful!

  4. It's been a while since I have had fresh caught fish for dinner. I'm glad that the wildlife didn't bother you. Have fun with the quilting.