Monday, August 4, 2014

not a stitch in sight

Well in the last little while I have been to a car show, visiting family, watching ball games at the lake and of course fishing........ ( I even jumped into the lake for a swim ... that was refreshing ) but I have not stitched a thing ..... I think that may change this week with some BOM to catch up on and another sew along quilt I signed up for off of Craftys .
I have found it hard to get to my machine after a day at work. I thought if I started with the BOM's I would get back into the grove of quilting again.

I see the garden is starting to yield some fresh goodies from lettuce to yellow beans and now zucchini. I will be starting some pickles this week ... fresh dills mmm mmmm good.

Have a great week at what ever you get your hands on and  enjoy the summer days while they last.
in stitches

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