Saturday, January 31, 2015

Holidays and classes

Well I am back from holidays and getting back into the swing of things.
We had a great time in Hawaii, we did some sight seeing
the first time we saw Whales ...

and even took in a class ....... Hawaiian quilting :0)
my orchid block
I found out that you just take your time and enjoy the stitching while you work away on your block. We took our class at the  MAUI QUILT SHOP.  Here is a picture of my friend and I with our teacher in the middle
Thanks Elyn for a great class
Now that we are home again I have been working on my project for the blog hop ( coming soon ) as well as the classes I will be teaching in the next little while. 
one sample using t shirts in a quilt
I had a little fun making a Valentine post cards for a swap the Sheila put together .... here is just a peek.

Well that's all for now I have a little more prep to do for my class this week 
sew I bid you adieu
in stitches


  1. Ohhhhhh must have bee gorgeous there!!! that is where I want to go, but the flight is so May be one day I'll get there.

  2. The holidays seem very good! Fun and work fun!
    Good return!

  3. Oh it would be fun to watch the whales and that class looks wonderful, I do think it would be relaxing and I love the fabrics!! Looking forward to your hop projects . Have fun preparing for your classes ;-)

  4. Hi Annette, glad you had a great holiday.... the whales are just magnificent to watch... I did that here and it is definitely something I would like to do again....