Thursday, January 8, 2015

next sample ready to quilt

..... I have been busy in my sewing space this week . I now have the small t shirt quilt ready to baste and quilt. I just wanted to be able to give a idea of at least one way to make a t shirt quilt and I do plan on making a larger one to work on in class a bit using some other ideas I found on line.
For this sample I used just the sleeves off the t shirts  and added some boy scout badges to liven it up a bit. I think these were my brothers from years ago and  I only guessed at what the number of the pack ... I had a 1 and a 6/9 so I picked 61 as that is the year I was born and thought good enough for me.The next t shirt quilt will have more t shirt fabric and a lot less cotton. The cotton may only be in a border. I did have fun playing with ideas and figuring out how to put my sections together. I did like using a fabric / woven fusible interfacing to back the t shirt fabric to give it more body and reduce the stretch. Here is what I came up with ......what do you think??

in stitches