Thursday, August 27, 2015

newest member of my sewing collection

it came in it's own little travel / storage case

I guess it would be a collection when you have more than just a few machines. I may have to count them soon.
This week I acquired this one .......

A Singer 301A machine ... one of the first to have the slant foot I believe. Sew far it runs nice but
I want to clean it up as well as grease the insides before giving it too much of a work out.

I did some updates with my computer and I am having trouble loading photos sew it might be a bit before I get a bunch to share. There is always something to work our brains and retrain them it
in stitches


  1. Oh it is gorgeous Annette , you will love this machine I am sure of that !!

  2. Just as you think you might have a computer system running well they go and change it!! Looks like a lovely machine - they still knew how to build a machine that lasts then xx