Sunday, August 30, 2015

stitching stockings

A few stitches here and a few stitches there  and I  have gotten started on the Christmas stockings that I want to get made this year .....

2 down and about 4 to go.... maybe one or two extras I have to do a recount.
There will be a couple for baby's first Christmas.
With stockings this size I try to let Santa know that they do not have to be filled to the top, they just have room for those coloring books and story books and other such treats.
I will be teaching a quilt as you go stocking this fall sew this is a good way to get them made and get a little practice in for the piecing and quilting.
Some will be quilted after they are pieced and others on the go. The next one will have a appliqued center.
Have a great week and remember to stay
in stitches


  1. Very sweet. At the rate you're going they will be done for Halloween. Great jump start on the season.

  2. Great idea Annette - good to get them done early. xx