Friday, September 18, 2015

Fall classes have started

Yup I taught  the first night of my first class for fall this week. The class is a 3 D Attic Window  quilt.
It is done a little different only one seam per block and you get a window with little pockets. Pictures will come next week. ( forgot my camera ) The ladies have all picked different fabrics and have created some great combinations.
The class went sew well I am sure the ladies will have their quilt tops done by the end of the next night.  I will have a later post to show the steps and a link to the pattern.

A little frost on the roof tops again this morning. We have been picking off the garden and I have started doing up the tomatoes .... I will be doing them for a while with some salsa to help use up peppers as well.

Enjoy your day and happy stitching
    in stitches

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  1. Glad it went well Annette - I'm looking forward to seeing what they made. xx