Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Ruler work

Dusting off my rulers and taking a online class offered by Patsy Thompson. Parry is offering a free ruler work class with new classes on Monday and Friday for the month of January. I just finished lesson 3 and able to use the rulers I have on hand. Each lesson builds on what you learned last time. Sew if you have rulers that are just waiting to be used go to Patsys blog and get started.
Here's what I've done sew far.

Here is a quilt I have also been working on  with rulers . I now have the border left to decide how I want to quilt it. I made the quilt at a Saskatchewan Stitches Conference. The border I had designed in the class. It's time to get it done as I started it back in 2013.

A closer look at my ruler work choices

Off to stitch a little more...... take care
In stitches


  1. I saw that class and am enjoying reading her ideas.... your quilt looks great....

  2. Good to hear you are enjoying the classes, your quilt looks lovely