Monday, February 4, 2013

a weekend of stitches and seams

I had a great week filled with stitches and seams ...I finished a loopy scarf for myself

and did some sewing , testing a pattern for one of the quilt designers that I enjoy.
I call this one Snakes and Ladders

I even designed a quilt with the ruler and technique. I think I will add a set of eyes in the border just keeping a eye on things ... pun
 I'll wait to show the patterns tested for the designer, ( I would like to get the okay from the designer.)
I still have one more that I want to try out.
I have the costumes half done, just the shirts ... they are all cut and ready to go.
Have a great day/ evening
in stitches

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  1. Sounds like lots of sewing going on and I just love your twisty scarf. Such pretty colours.