Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Machine repaired....... again

Talk about trouble with a machine. I have had some troubles with my Pfaff machine almost from day one . I have finally had the mother board change in it and it was sewing much better but then my thread sensore quit working .....back to the shop... and it proved to be  a headache for them as well. .... as it would work when all apart but when it was all together again it would not.....sew they replace the mother board again and sew far all looks and works good. I am planing on  some sewing tonight to test it out a little more.  Finger crossed.  It's a great machine and I am glad to have it home again.
I am very glad that it is still under warranty..... make sure you all check to see what type of warranties your machines have especially if they are new and computer based. And make sure you have them tuned up before it's done, as well as a regular tune up and cleaning.

But what else have I been up to ....
still testing out a pattern for Marci Baker ( I'll let you know when the pattern is ready )
and working on a grad gown  ( lining done and ready for a fitting) I am liking how it is coming along. It has been a challenging pattern as it came cut to the size they thought would fit with out any directions, seam allowances or hemming allowance , no notion list etc. But I think I have it figured out. It helped when the one night I laid out all the pattern pieces on the kitchen floor to put the puzzle together.

I have another quilt all finished and ready for a new home.I know I have a few more that need to get quilted sew I am sure I will be  practicing my FMQ as I test out the above machine.
Now I am off to check out afew of the bloggers in the Hop going on over on Sew WE Quilt
in stitches


  1. So sorry to hear about the machine problems....hope all is working well now!
    Big job with that grad dress....even with a pattern....Good luck!

  2. I have a brand new Pfaff 4.0 that has been back to the shop twice now in the four months I have had it.It was a bobbin tension problem that "seems" to be fixed (I am touching wood) very annoying when you spend the money you do.

  3. Oh dear , such a shame you are still having issues with your machine, lets hope this time it is fixed . Great job on the gown , looks like you have it all figured out and the quilt is gorgeous!