Thursday, June 6, 2013

Loven' Lace

Wednesday was Lace Lovers Bra Class
We were given instructions on how to do a variety of different styles of   lace embellished bras. The hardest part was to choose one and get started.
my first lacey bra from class

I chose to put lace in half of the upper cup as well as in the bridge of the bra. I also added the internal power bar ( power shield as I call it ) which gives a little extra support on the side of your bust.
I picked up a few extra kits sew that I can make a few more.
 One of the kits is a nice bright red..... I thought I would support heart and stroke with my red bra, under my t-shirt of course, as I ride the big bike later this month to support them.

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  1. Awesome! I really love the blue one! Have fun on your heart and stroke support ;) ride.

  2. Lovely bras , this must be a great class , one I would love to take . Hugs Sheila

  3. WOW! Bras look so complicated to make. Good for you!