Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just a start on classes

Today I start class three that I had booked at the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference. Lace Lovers Bra class.
learning a block and how you can use it.

I have taken a Mary Ellen Hopkins Technique class with Dianne Jannson and  a Square in a Square class with Jodi Barrows. Both were very good classes and with a bunch of great ladies.

Liz's Gift Blocks
also know as
 Bridal Veil Quilt
as made by Jodi's Great Grandmother
 ( I think I have that right ... could have been her grandmother)
Today's lace lovers bra class will finish up on Wednesday
                                                        an inside look at the make up of a lace bra
 I have one more class booked but have not decided if I will get to it.
My hubby is home recouping and I feel that I should be near just in case he needs any help. I have found it  hard to keep focused on the classes but it is getting better. And hubby seams to be doing pretty good.
Well that's it for now.
in stitches Annette


  1. Annette ,,they look like great classes , I am sure you have learned lots that you can incorporate in your work later on. I know it has been tough but glad you were able to go. Talk later . Hugs Sheila

  2. The class pieces look very interesting....hope you had fun Annette