Monday, October 6, 2014

1st night of classes

I have been putting a few things together for my students for our sample class tonight and a few items that I have made to give them ideas of what they could do in some of the later classes.
goodies for class
see the little strawberry pin cushions from last year's hop
I thought I would give one to  the ladies 

 This will be a 4 night class that will start with samples and a couple of projects and then a project of choice.
I am hoping to impart a love of sewing to my students and a willingness to be creative and see where that leads them.
I want to make 2 one out of denim and one out
of the fabric below 
As for a new project for myself I have found this pattern by Indigo Junction.

And now I have everything to get started..... except the time
in stitches

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  1. all the best with your sample class... you look well organised... If you find that extra time please can I have some of it too????