Wednesday, October 1, 2014

doing my homework....

and the class has not even started yet!
Sew this is what teaching the class is all about.  Just a little extra play time at the sewing machine.

I will be teaching a learn to sew class here in town. I hope the ladies enjoy learning about their machine and creating with them as well. I know the class will be more fun after we get the samples out of the way. I feel it is important to have the samples to refer back to when doing other projects on your own.

I have also been part of a swap for Fall Post Cards, mine is in the mail to Brazil. Here is just a peak....

I'll post it after it arrives.

Have a great week and stay in stitches


  1. I'm sure your class will be very informative and lots of fun Annette

  2. Your class sounds like a lot of fun. That's neat that you will be inspiring others to learn to sew and maybe take up quilting.

  3. I am sure your class will go well and your students will come away being more comfortable with their machines and sewing . Nice sneak peak ;-)

  4. how brave to help out learners... so easy to forget what it's like to be new at sewing? I did a fall postcard too... they are fun...

  5. Hummm.... eu estou curiosa e ansiosa.
    Um abraço!
    Hmmm .... I'm curious and anxious.